Love Live School Idol Project 2 – Episode 2 – Writer’s Block and Team Building

Making a new song and costumers look harder than it seems.

Apparently, making a new song and costumers look harder than it seems.

As Honoka decides to participate in the 2nd Love Live, she doesn’t realize a nasty roadblock that lies ahead.

While I didn’t expect that the organizers behind the 2nd Love Live decide to make it a requirement for all groups to perform a song that hasn’t been debuted, this is understandable for the fact that this gives all participants a level playing field. Of course, given how Honoka dives into things without realizing what they need to do, they have to come up with a new song and outfit within a few days. However, I think it was worth it since we get to see some nice team building, especially with Maki and Nico.

I feel bad for Rin since she only wanted to write lyrics!

I feel bad for Rin since she only wanted to write lyrics!

I admit that it was fun to see the girls have fun yet again on a short trip in order to make new songs and costumes for the preliminaries, there is one thing in this episode that can apply in real life: ideas don’t come instantly known as writer’s block. Although it was hilarious to see this with Kotori, Umi and Maki escaping the confines of the mansion, I sympathize with them for the fact that it’s not easy coming up a costume design, lyrics and music that will impress everyone and beat A-RISE. I don’t think they shouldn’t do it own their own since everyone is willing to help.

Maki and Nico has some nice bonding time.

Maki and Nico has some nice bonding time.

Thankfully they were able to work it out with the help of everyone else that give them a breather and inspiration. Believe me, I kind of enjoyed Rin complaining about Umi’s failed hiking expedition when she only wants to help out with the lyrics! At the same time, I think Nico and Maki spending time with each other and sharing a sweet potato was the highlight of the episode as they are getting along very well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eli wanted the two finally confess to each other. But ether way, at least it worked out in the end as Maki, Umi and Kotori was able to make the finished product before everyone else woke up.

Rin and Honoka, the protectors of Santa!

Rin and Honoka, the protectors of Santa!

With the song finally completed, it seems that the group is finally ready to take on the competition. I wonder how they will fare as they meet their rivals, A-RISE and eventually debut the song they just make. I can’t wait! 

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  1. Overlord-G says:

    It was very cruel of Nico to dare attempt breaking Maki’s dreams. SANTA LIVES FOREVER! SANTA IS ABOVE FALSEHOOD!

    Other than that you pretty much covered the episode’s moral nicely.

  2. chikorita157 says:

    It does seem that she wants to break Maki’s innocence by taking away what she believes in. However, I was surprised that she didn’t react to the Santa bashing from Nico.

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