Love Live School Idol Project 2 – Episode 1 – Honoka Becomes President!

Meet your new student council president!

Meet your new student council president!

With the school finally saved, what will Honoka do now since she is student council president?

I didn’t expect Eli to nominate Honoka as student council president. Sure, Honoka saved the school by making a very successful idol group to attract more middle school students. To me, she isn’t really the person that comes in mind as a president. Sure, she can motivate a group and cheer people up, but at the same time, she lacks the qualities of one such as being responsible, diligent and hard working. While she has her best friends, Umi and Kotori to help her out, I’m quite curious how badly she will do. Then again, with some help, she might become good just as Eli.

Hanayo is in full fangirl mode!

Hanayo is in full fangirl mode!

On the other hand, I’m not surprised with her lack of excitement for the second Love Live compared to Hanayo. If you recall from the episode 12 of the prequel, the principal withdrew the group from the first Love Live because Honoka collapsed from overworking herself. Perhaps she doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake, especially since they might have to face off A-RISE early in the competition.

Yep, Honoka is not herself, but eventually she gets back in line.

Yep, Honoka is not herself, but eventually she gets back in line.

Thankfully, she changed her mind because Eri, Nozomi and Nico will only experience it once in the lifetime.  I think this is true with everything in life. Once you let the opportunity pass you by, it’s gone forever.  I admit, there are things I should/shouldn’t have done in high school such as studying harder so I can get a scholarship. Even so, I didn’t regret my participation in concert band during my middle and high school years since it brought a lot of good memories.

As a whole, I’m glad that Love Live is finally back since I really enjoy most of the characters. I think Muse will do well this time around since the group only has to focus on Love Live and they are motivated to beat A-RISE for #1 spot. It’s just the matter of Honoka using her time effectively as president. 

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  1. Overlord-G says:

    Honoka is GOD! That is all. She’ll do fine with the help from her team.

    • chikorita157 says:

      Probably, she will get help from Eli with all the student council work. That stuff will be brutal, but I’m sure Honoka will lead them to victory this time.

  2. sunflowertattoo says:

    great read. love your commentary. i have been contemplating on watching this series. but now i think i will. ^^

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