Red Bracket Blog Critiquing – Part 3 & 4 of 4

Since spring semester is coming to an end, things are about to become busy for me in the next two weeks. For that, all my thoughts for now on will consist of two days of polling in one post.

In this part, I will review the last two days for the Red Bracket. For intensive purposes, I will not review CSW’s Anime Blog since they got disqualified. However, I will do a review of Sekijitsu in the next round. Since the decision is controversial, please do not talk about it here. If I see any of these comments, I will delete them because I don’t want any drama to come on my blog.

As always, if you are the author of these blogs, please take the criticism with a grain of salt.

Loli Salad

Don’t let the blog title fool you, they reviews various anime and other related media. While the writing is casual, it flows well. However, it’s kind of ironic that they didn’t keep to the theme since most people expect that they would talk about lolis. Still, it’s a good blog.

Manga Report

I don’t know what to think of this since the writing is good, but it comes off rather boring and lacks personality. Also, the header image is rather uninspiring. They should really put some more effort to make it look better than putting some text and slapping a drop shadow on it.

LuRa’s Anime Blog

First off, the banner looks rather good, except for one problem. The blog title is somewhat hard to read. As for the writing, there is too much summary even though they look okay. Like I have said before, do not summarize and just write about your thoughts. If you want to add one, keep it separate and sum it up in one or two paragraphs.

Moe Fundamentalism

Considering that Akira is a former writer for Behind the Nihon Review, a blog I regularly follow, I think his writing is already great and has a great personality. As for the layout, it’s clean, simple and appealing.


Although the layout looks cutesy, it doesn’t look clean. The stuff on the bottom doesn’t fit well with the overall theme.  My only suggestion is to get a new theme that is functional. As for the content, it consists of episodic posts that focus mostly on thoughts, but it’s not exciting to read.

Anime Viking

Needless to say, I got engaged in the editorial content since the author has a lot of personality. Also, he made a song for the tourney, which is really creative.

Anime Anthology

Yeah, the authors on this blog are rather harsh on the reviews, but their reviews are rather good. My only complaint is the floating bar on the top because it’s distracting and pointless since nobody can register accounts.

Emory Anime Club

While the authors focus mostly on episodic posts, their objective writing style is great and they don’t summarize. The only downside is the design since it looks somewhat bland, but it’s not a deal breaker.

the beautiful world

The Comic Sans, please make it stop! Although it looks okay, I think there are better looking fonts out there that will make the design better. Definitely check out the fonts that Google has since they are easy to implement into your design.  In addition, your banner is a tad too big. As for the content, it focuses on Yuri and Yaoi , which is well written in a playful style.

Shinde Iie Anime Blog

I have been familiar with inushinde’s writing for a while now and it has a strong feeling to it. Of course, I enjoyed his “Santorum Reviews” posts not because Rick Santorum is insane, but it’s humorous. Also, I love all that purple.

Anime B&B

Anime B&B is a food themed blog, which focuses on editorials, first impressions, reviews and recipes. The writing is very enjoyable and interesting to read. Not only that, the theme fits looks eye-catching and clean.


Although the content is well written and the author is knowledgeable, my attention just dozes off since the posts are way too long. Set a limit like 1000 to prevent posts from going too long so people will pay more attention to your writing.

Trzr23 & Traveler on Revenge

Both are great editorial blogs that focus on an array of topics, although the former is more creative while the latter has the voice.

So, this pretty much wraps up the last two parts for the Red bracket. From the feedback I received, I have improved the voting reports by adding the date each blog started along with bolding the winners for the first round.  Hopefully, this adds more insight of how each blog did in the tournament.

Until then, I will start critiquing the Blue Bracket in the next two days. 

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  1. Joojoobees says:

    It’s kind of interesting that Metanorn ended up in the Red bracket. They clearly stand out in terms of ballots cast, but would fit in naturally amongst the Green bracket totals. Well, at a least they should end up seeded in two year’s time.

    • chikorita157 says:

      Yes, it really surprising since they grew further since the two years. They receive a lot of comments and hits, which is surprising why they were put there. I think the last tourney results decided their position, but still… it didn’t give much of the chance for the other blog.

      Looking at the results, they are the only one that reached over 200 votes, which is surprising since there are four blogs in the Green Bracket that reached that. Quite surprisingly, the Red Bracket had blogs that had the least amount of votes. The G-Empire and Clanrain were the biggest losers with them receiving 48 and 49 votes respectively, the lowest amount seen thus far. The lowest amount of votes in the Green Bracket was 71 votes.