Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha – Episode 7 – The Aftermath…

Nothing is damaged forever, but still a setback...

Providing that decent subs for Hanasaku Iroha isn’t out yet, I may as well try to complete a very familiar magical girl series that I left collecting dust from the summer. That’s right! It’s Nanoha and hopefully I’ll finish this before watching the movie in the coming weeks.

Since the post I have written for Episode 7 got deleted when I tried changing the URL, I may as well revisit it.
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Gosick – Episode 22 – Tragic Separation and Start of the Storm…

Sadly, the cheerfulness from Arvil does not tell the whole story...

The preview lied… Kazuya and Victorique really got separated!

As unexpected, the preview from the last episode was really misleading. I thought they would have some fun together on Christmas considering that it’s Victorique’s birthday! Sadly, things don’t always turn out as Kazuya wanted to… thus leading us to the finale of their story.
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Hidan no Aria – Episode 10 – Maid Training and Tamable Wolves

Riko is apparently an expert when it comes to maid outfits and acting like one!

Riko’s training cannot any crazier than this.  Also Jeanne and Reki make a brief appearance amidst the training for the infiltration of Vlad’s villa.
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Gosick – Episode 20 & 21 – The Great Coco Rose Murder Coverup

Believe it or not, the king is the ultimate murderer of both Coco Roses.

If you remember a few cases ago, Coco Rose had a secret affair with Leviathan while he help the king make gold. This results in one of the most bizarre murder mysteries, popularized as a tragic fairy tale.
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Tears to Tiara – Episode 7 – Octavia’s Sweet Revenge

At last, Octavia finally gets the chance to beat this moron up!

After the abuse Octavia went through because of Bubulx’s irresponsibility from the last episode, she finally gets to face him off to a duel. Also in this tournament, a mysterious elf participates in order to win the grand prize and eventually joins to help the Gael Clan.
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Hanasaku Iroha – Episode 11

As you expect, the best mother of the year has finally arrived! </sarcasm>

Even with the hard effort Ohana puts into the inn, it’s not enough to stop the slanderous reviews that swept through all the inns in the Yunosagi Hot Springs. In order to make things right, she goes on a journey to fight against the person who wrote those reviews until she finds out the shocking truth.
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