Journey of Self-Studying Japanese – Tackling Verb and Adjective Conjugations

From last time, I shared my first hand experiences of self-studying the Japanese Language last month. Another month passed by and I have learned quite a lot, most namely one of the intimidating aspects of the language, verb and adjective conjugations.

Note: This post uses the ruby HTML5 tag to view the Furigana for any Kanji used. If you use Firefox, install this extension. This is not necessary in Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.
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Weekly Anime Rankings & Digest – November 21-27

For those who are in America, I hope everyone had a nice Turkey Day. My Thanksgiving weekend was quiet as I spent most of my time playing Minecraft. In addition, the holiday shopping got completed rather quickly since I knew what I want. Unlike last year, I brought no Anime, but instead a good number of games including a Playstation 3 version of Idolm@ster 2!

In addition, “The Idolmaster Animation Master 5” released yesterday in Japan and I ordered a first press release of the disc. I can’t wait to hear the full versions of Heart of Marionette (マリオネットの(こころ)) and Myself Rest@rt (自分(じぶん)REST@RT) since I heard from other people that they sound excellent.

On a serious note, my mom goes for surgery to remove a Stage I Kidney Cancer next Monday. From the day of its discovery, we have been a bit anxious. Hopefully, she will have a speedy recovery once it gets taken cared of. (Image Source)
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The iDOLM@STER – Episode 21 – Chihaya, the Sleeping Beauty and Jupiter’s Redemption

She does it!

After Chihaya confronted her past and recovered from it rather quickly, she performs a special song to turn a new page on her career. Amidst this, Kuroi attempts a last-ditch sabotage to 765 Productions again. Sadly, it doesn’t quite work out and results in the unexpected…
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Obligatory and Early Winter 2012 Anime Season Preview

As the New Year fall upon us in another month and I have no anime to blog about due to delayed releases, I suppose I can work on the brief Winter Preview and plans for a Let’s Play of a certain game. (Image Source)
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