Hourou Musuko – Innocence, Acceptance and Betrayal… (Editorial)

Preface: Hourou Musuko besides Madoka Magica has been one of few shows out of the winter season, which are considered very good. The reason why I have not blogged much about this show since the content in the episodes is hard to explain in episodic posts. So, I thought it would be best to share my thoughts on the events that were important in editorial form.

In the most recent episodes of Hourou Musuko, the story focuses more on the issues Nitori faces in his life that wants to be a girl.  Since he is delicate, anything that happens to him will impact him emotionally. This happens when Dori urges him to come out of the closet that causes the whole student body to become shocked. In addition, the play and Anna plays an important role of adding self-confidence for Nitori’s transgenderism.
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Homura-chan’s Pokemon Adventure – Part IV

In the fourth part of Homura’s Pokémon Adventure, I venture through the Chargestone Cave to arrive at Mistralton City. From there I have go up to the tower to ring a bell before challenging the Gym Leader, Skyla. (Image Source)
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Names You Know in Anime – Pokemon White Nickname Analysis – Part I

Some people in the aniblogosphre nickname the Pokémon after favorite Anime Characters, friends, etc. I have started to nickname some of the Pokémon in Pokémon Platinum, but not on a large scale until HeartGold. Since I have created my preliminary team in Pokemon White, I may as well explain some of the nicknames I picked for some of the Pokémon I use for competitive battling. (Image Source)
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Homura’s Pokemon Adventure – Part 2 – 2nd and 3rd Gym Leaders and Plasma Strikes Again

Since I have completed the game, the Let’s Play will go on because I have the stuff captured on my iPhone.

In the second part of Homura’s adventure to become a Pokémon Master, I am heading to Nacrene City and then Castelia City to challenge the Gym Leaders to earn the badges. Meanwhile, Team Plasma is feeling a bit hypocritical when they kick a particular Pokémon along with the usual activity of stealing other people’s Pokémon. (Image Source)

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Blog’s Reader Survey Results and Reflections

Two weeks ago, I have created a Reader’s Survey to take look to give the direction of what I need to improve on and get some demographic information. Today the survey has finally closed and I have the results. Therefore, I want to take a look at the fascinating results with some of the questions. (Image Source)
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Homura-chan’s Pokemon Adventure (Pokemon White) – Part 1

On March 6th, 2011, Gamefreak as released their fifth generation of Pokemon Games, Pokemon Black and White. Like I did in the past on Shiori’s Diary, I’m going to do a Let’s Play in text form (with images and videos) up to the defeat of the Elite Four. Instead of using my personal blog, I will be posting it here since Pokémon is anime related after all and it could convince people to get the game who are on the fence… So, let’s get started! (Image Source)

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Madoka Magica – In Memory of Sakura Kyoko, a Tribute.

Most of you should know that Kyoko is no longer with us after she faceed a battle with Sayaka who became a witch. Kyoko is one of my favorite characters in Madoka Magica since she is strong willed and kind in the inside. Therefore, I want to give a tribute to Kyoko for being kind and strong person who genuinely cares about Sayaka. (Image Source)
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica OP – Connect Review

I know most of the people wanted a formal review of the opening single “Connect” by ClariS… So,  I worked hard during the last two weeks to get the review perfect. Hopefully you will enjoy my review of the single.

(Also, post your comments at Anime Instrumentality Blog.)
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Fractale – Episodes 4-6 (Brief Thoughts)

Disappointed with Episode 5? We will make it up in Episode 6 with Naked Phryane Fanservice!

For the past few weeks, I was busy with some exams and papers to write. It was expected that I would delay my blogging of Fractale, Wandering Son and Gosick for a while.

To help lessen the burden, I will just write my brief thoughts for Episodes 4 to 6 of Fracale in one post.
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