Weekly Anime Rankings & Digest – October 17-23

What is this? Are you doing weekly digests now?

Considering that I’m now taking part in the Anime Power Rankings, the answer is yes. A fellow Animeblogger named kevo runs these rankings to see how the currently airing shows are doing at a particular week. Given that I want to share my reasoning behind these votes and possibly add brief thoughts of episodes from older seasons that aren’t part of the rankings, I decided on doing it.  This is how it’s going to work:

  • I will concentrate on the shows that I have voted on the rankings first. This means the shows I’m up to date on are eligible for this. Sub availability plays a key role in this. Once I know enough Japanese, this will go a lot smoother as I can just jump right in and then re-watch the subs later while having a sufficient understanding of what I watched.
  • Second part will focus on unranked shows. These are shows that I’m currently behind in because of uncontrollable circumstances.
  • If there is any, the last part only focuses on episodes from shows of other seasons.  They won’t be part of any ranking whatsoever.
  • Lastly, this is not a replacement for episodic posts. It’s meant to recap what I watched during the week.

So, let’s get started, shall we? (Image Source used in this post)
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Tamayura ~hitotose~ – Episode 2 – Girls’ Sleep Over

Fuu is now famous...

Aside the long delays in getting these subs, it seems that we have leaped forward with the girls having a sleepover. Essentially, you should had already watched the OVAs before watching the series or you will miss out on the nice developments during Fuu’s first month living in the town.
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Nichijou – Final Review

In the past, Kyoto Animation has made a few notable slice of life shows involving a bunch of schoolgirls. Particularly, Lucky Star and K-ON is their most popular works in the genre. With the production of Nichijou, it takes a slightly different take of the genre opposed to gradual character development and references from the Otaku subculture.  Instead, it focuses mostly on slapstick comedy sketches that place characters in wacky situations. (Image Source)
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