Suisei no Gargantia – Episode 2 – A New Ally

Amy's friends are very curious about her kidnapping.

Amy’s friends are very curious about her kidnapping.

After watching this, this show is giving me vibes of Waterworld

In a way, this episode just made the setting a bit more interesting as this is the future of Earth where global warming melted all the ice caps, which made the sea level raise, a fleet named Gargantia was born. At one point, Ledo was shocked since he believed that Earth was sucked into the sun, which makes its existence shocking. Aside from that, the reason I mentioned Waterworld is not because it’s a bad movie, but the setting and the mere existence of pirates reminded me of it, except there are robots!  It will be interesting if they manage to find dry land with some help.

Pirates here, gone in an instant...

Pirates here, gone in an instant…

As for Amy herself, she is still cute. Not only that, she also has two friends who are pestering her about being kidnapped by Ledo. Too bad they never revealed those names because they looked cute as well. In addition, we get introduced to Bevel, who is Amy’s younger brother. I’m not sure why he is in bed. Maybe he has some kind of incurable disease or something. Who knows?

From the look of things, I definitely like where this show is heading. It seems that Ledo and his robot is getting used to the natives on the ship as they understand their language and lend them support. Not only that, they also eliminated the pirates by using the robot’s secret weapons. I think getting rid of them through this evaporating beam is already going overboard, 

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