Little Busters – Episode 24 – Puppeteering for Secrets

Apparently, this is what Rin will do next to find the secret.

Apparently, this is what Rin will do next to find the secret.

Rin does a puppet show FOR SECRETS!

Now that Kud finally resolves her ordeal with her mother and manages to return, we are back to finding the secret of the world. Its kind of ironic they haven’t found out while two arcs remains untouched in the last three episodes. Even so, this was pretty light-hearted as it gives subtle hints of disappearing people in one of the stories Komari wrote with the dwarves. In fact, I notice this as the other girls like Mio, Haruka and possibly Kud aren’t getting much screen time and appear once in a while. Komari is the only girl who sticks around even after her problems got resolved. Maybe it’s because she has a strong attachment to Rin?

It seems that she is having a lot of fun.

It seems that she is having a lot of fun.

On the other hand, its kind of nice that Komari help Rin to come up with a story and stayed up all night just to finish the puppets. I doubt Rin could do it all by her self, especially when she can’t sew. However, I’m amazed by how she managed to make all those puppets through the night. I can’t possibly do it myself.

Komari uses her secret powers! It's super effective!

Komari uses her secret powers! It’s super effective!

While the puppet show was a success, it seems that we are one step closer to the world’s secret. It’s disappointing that all the arcs will get completed, but I hopefully they will finish it in the next season. Still, I find Kyousuke’s and Mio’s story highly amusing, especially the latter when she even act out the character’s voices in a hilarious manner. 

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