Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – Episode 8 – Arguing over the Past

Yozora loves her cats just like a certain brown-haired girl.

Yozora loves her cats just like a certain brown-haired girl.

The club decides to do a movie. Meanwhile, drama ensues as Yozora and Sena hits a fever pitch over a certain issue with the past.

This is probably the most heated argument between the two.

This is probably the most heated argument between the two.

While the plans of having a maid café and fortune telling fell through, I guess a movie would make sense since the former proposals are more embarrassing. During the planning stage, I didn’t expect things to blow up between Yozora and Sena over the childhood friend thing. I think Sena made a point that Yozora is too fixated on the past. Basically, she is using the film as a way to retell her past experiences to her advantage instead of getting input from other members. Therefore, it wasn’t so surprising for her to call her an idiot and run way instead fighting back since she is wrong. She can’t live in the past forever. Things change and they aren’t the same person from 10 years ago. Therefore, she shouldn’t be fixated on it. Of course, if Kodaka brings up that point, we would get a different reaction, but trust me, it will never happen given his indecisiveness.

On a brighter note, there were a few comedic moments. It was odd and creepy to see Kodaka and Yozora see a movie of a French couple doing it in bed. On the other hand, Yozora being obsessed with the cats while she pets them in a cat café looked rather cute. This is probably the cutest reaction I have seen thus far. Even so, it also brings back a short flashback when they played with a kitten that eventually disappeared. This can probably explain her fondness towards them.

Rika fails at fooling Sena.

Rika fails at fooling Sena.

From the look of things, I liked how they finally resolved their differences and fixed the script so everyone is satisfied. I guess the only thing left to do is actually film it, which might be interesting to see. On the other hand, Rika’s disguise never fails to impress me. She tried to act like Kobato, but it didn’t quite work out. At this rate, she can’t fool anyone with that kind of act unless she gains some acting experience. 

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  1. foshizzel says:

    Rika cosplay as Kobato was classic and amazing!

    Sena vs Yozora: I am glad that Sena stood up for herself this week and I agree with her 100% just because Yozora is Kodaka’s childhood friend doesn’t give her the right to use it as a excuse to cast him as the lead male in the movie, but overall I kind of hate how Yozora hangs onto the past ALL THE TIME…she should worry about the present a bit more.

    • chikorita157 says:

      Yes, I think Yozora needs to let go the past. So what she has fond memories with Kodaka, they aren’t the same people and for the fact that Sena lives in the present opens up a weakness for her in the competition to win him over. Of course, the past obviously doesn’t necessarily give her an advantage to win him over.

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