Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret ~Finale~ – Episode 4 (END) – Final Test of Love

Will she make it? Find out after the break!

Will she make it? Find out after the break!

At last, Haruka’s parents tests how strong the love between Yuuto and Haruka really is.

While the infiltration is ridiculous, at least it had some excitement.  As you would expect, Gento and Akiho purposely set this up as a test, thus nobody knows what they are up against.  In fact, it feels exactly like the first season’s finale where Yuuto stands his ground against a rich boy because of the choice of gift. Of course, you can’t forget the countless times Yuuto tried to convince Gento so Haruka to continue her Anime hobbies. Nevertheless, I felt like they might not get together until the last-minute.

As for the battle, I know that Yuuto is at a big disadvantage, not for being the weakest mind male lead seen in any Anime, but his general lack of strength. I’m quite surprised that he survived all those blows Gento gave before he suddenly gained more strength and admits that Haruka is everything to him, which is pretty clichéd. After all that, he defeats him by punching out Gento’s glasses! That was pretty lame, but at least we got to see Haruka and Yuuto finally kiss for real after they got married!

They live happily and ever after...

They live happily and ever after…

Final Thoughts

Besides the final episode, Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret ~Finale~ was painful to watch. It’s mostly because I have been disappointed as they keep resetting their relationship and throw pointless fanservice, which isn’t even funny. Top that with the weakest minded and most indecisive male lead I ever seen Anime as shown in the whole second season, I had very bad feelings for the series. At least now, I feel better because it’s finally over and we got to see them kiss after 28 so episodes! The sad thing is, the finale hasn’t really improved on anything besides doing more of the same while having the two marry each other.

So, if you want to watch something about characters that is into Anime stuff, you may as well watch Ore no Imouto or Boku wa Tomodachi instead of this series.  Otherwise, be prepared to be massively disappointed when you get to the second season and the Finale.

Overall Rating: 6.0/10, Below Average, D 

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