Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – Episode 4 – Maria Spills the Beans

Nice Boat you got there!

Nice Boat you got there!

Wait, Yukimura is a girl?! (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!)

Using Science, Rika knows that Yukimura is a girl!

Using Science, Rika knows that Yukimura is an actual girl!

Well, I knew from the start since she looks way too feminine and cute to be a boy. While there are boys that look like a girl such as Riki, the reactions males get when she changes is already an indication. It’s quite unfortunate that Yozora accidently spilled the beans by having her wear girly clothes, especially a maid’s outfit. Apparently, Yozora’s joke kind of backfired in the end as Sena and Rika find out how cute Yukimura really is. I’m just surprised that it took Maria to realize the difference before everyone knew. Even so, I wonder where did Yukimura got the idea that she was a boy in the first place.

On the other hand, we do see some enjoyable moments besides the reveal. First is the rollercoaster. I’m not a big fan of them, so I don’t ride them. Apparently, the ride they went on was so intense that they were saying stuff to each other, which is kind of funny, especially when Rika dropped all those F-bombs. As usual, Yozora and Sena start another heated competition with each other by going on the ride not just 2 times, but 8! If I gone on a rollercoaster that many times, I would have passed out by now since it’s too much.

You can mistaken them as husband and wife since they have blond hair, but...

You can mistaken them as husband and wife since they have blond hair, but…

Compared to the other times where Kobato tries to run away from Sena, this time was different. At the stage performance, she didn’t run away or make a big fuss while deciding to volunteer. She surprisingly enjoyed it. The interesting aspect of it is that the people who were performing the show assumed that Kodaka and Sena were husband and wife. The show seems to be cheering for that ship, although I’m rooting more for Yozora.

With the truth finally revealed, the harem is finally set in stone as Kodaka is really in a club with a lot of girls! From here, I noticed that Yozora decides to finally go with the suit thing and possibly have Yukimura still chase her dream of becoming a true Japanese Man. In reality, it will never happen and will make the problem worse, although it’s probably done out of Yozora’s jealousy because Yukimura is gentler and obedient in comparison. 

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