Tamako Market – Episode 1 – A Strange White Talking Bird Appears!

It seems that everyone is panicking over the bird, but they got the wrong person.

It seems that everyone is panicking over the bird, but they got the wrong person.

Based on its cover, this show is about sweets, a mochi shop and a plump white talking bird.

After the first episode, I thought that Tamako Market started off rather decently. From a glance, this show is basically about a girl named Tamako who finds a strange talking bird. Believe it or not, the bird is hilarious and eventually becomes plump after eating a lot of mochi (餅,Japanese Rice Cake). As for Tamako, she is cute and has a pretty likable personality.  Lastly, other characters are just there because they didn’t get much screen time in this episode besides the boy from a rival mochi shop. Still, I felt bad for her as everyone forgot about her birthday.

No wonder he won't lose weight. He keeps on eating!

No wonder he won’t lose weight. He keeps on eating!

As for the animation, Kyoto Animation basically smashed the art designs of K-ON and Nichijou and smashed them together. Aside from that, I’m curious on how the show will go from here since it’s mostly a slice of life show. Sure, there is a bit of development with the bird wanting to finish his journey, but that is pretty much it so far. Even so, I still feel anxious since Kyoto Animation has a bad history it comes to completely original stories. Hopefully with 3 more episodes, we find out for sure. For now, I will just enjoy the ride. 

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  1. feal87 says:

    Well it was a fairly good first episode and I have good hopes for it. Obviously we can’t expect much plot, because it’s…well…slice of life! 😛

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