Idolmaster Puchimas – First Brief Impressions

Artist: hahifuhe

I bet most people were expecting a second season of Idolmaster. Instead, we got this… (Image Source)

Well, how do I describe these 6 short minutes? While I do like the Idolmaster games and music, Puchimas is just not my cup of tea. This series is based on a 4コマ漫画 (four panel manga) of the same name involving miniature clones of each idol that contains certain aspects of their personalities. Unlike the main anime, the Producer is represented with a P as he doesn’t have an actual face since it’s the player’s character in the game. It airs in 2-minute segments every day for 60 days.

After watching the four episodes, I don’t find it all that entertaining. It’s maybe because I’m not the hardcore fan that has to watch/read everything from that franchise. Sure, I gone out and buy the games (which were expensive due to the strong yen back then) even though I have limited Japanese skills, but I would rather see Namco making another season. How about it considering 2011 anime’s popularity (Xenoglossia doesn’t count)? 

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