Mouretsu Pirates – Episode 22 – Dire Straits in Space

That is one scary looking ship!

Finally, things heats up as they face an unknown and powerful enemy.

From the looks of a fellow pirate ship getting blown up in the beginning, it’s a bad sign. Apparently, a mysterious ship is now targeting pirates. When Marika confronts the ship in an escort mission, the action started to heat up shortly after. Apparently, a second pirate ship gets shot down for trying to be manly. It may look brutal, but the mysterious ship is hard-core. It simply fires all the weapons at the ship and instantly obliterates it.

Marika is apparently surprised by her new position.

On the hand, the part that amused me is Lynn giving the president position to Marika.  I think girls want her to take the position since they enjoyed doing some pirating with her. I have a bad feeling that the club members will start begging to go with her. Even so, this shouldn’t matter too much since she begins regretting her pirate job and now considering a path of becoming a full sailor instead.  This worries me as she might quit. Despite this, I doubt she will do that since she enjoys it and wants to carry on her father’s legacy.

What should we do?

While it’s sad to see two pirates and their crew die like that, it shows that their ships aren’t invincible. I seriously hope that Marika doesn’t try to be the hero and fight them. If she did that, they won’t survive. From that, it’s obvious that she will get some help from Chiaki and Gruier, who wear a maid’s outfit. From first impressions, it saddens me that she always takes the spotlight from her younger sister. However, I have a good feeling that something good will come out of it. 

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  1. Kai says:

    This episode is quite interesting. It sets up several themes which could be used in the last arc, or even a possible second season.

    • chikorita157 says:

      Possibally be, but I wonder what they will have considering the light novel is still ongoing. Maybe she might recruit some of her friends? Who knows, but this arc might prove to be interesting compared to the others.