Blue Bracket Brief Thoughts – Round 1

Finally, we are at the Blue Bracket and there is not much to say. So I’m just going to leave a list of sites that I considered good and just leave it at that. For sites that I have critiques for, I’ll leave them directly on their blogs. (Image Source)

Certified Fresh

This means that I don’t have much to say and the content is good.

Brief Thoughts and Analysis

I don’t know, but not much happened in the blue bracket. It seems that the people were tame this time around by not posting a smack down posts or causing any major drama compared to the last two brackets. Like last time, nobody broke over 200 votes except Whiners, which is quite obvious given their audience.

Now, time for some tasty pie charts…

More domains than the last two brackets...

Still, most people used as their blog service.

For the first time in the tourney, there were more blogs with domain names. However, this doesn’t mean that people had a dedicated WordPress installation. I wish that could at least give custom design without the ability to change fonts and advanced CSS for free. I’m sick of looking at the same design over and over.

Older blogs (2 years or older) consisted more than 50% of the participants.

Also, a good amount of older blogs (2010 or earlier) has won their match in the tournament, which is a sign that age somewhat played a role in a blog winning. However, the sample size is small and therefore, the likelihood of happening to the other brackets is low.

Also the average amount of votes is the lowest in this bracket compared to the others. The mean amount of votes was only 105 while the median is 109 with a standard deviation of 29.75.

Aside from that, this does it for the Blue Bracket. As for the yellow bracket, I will try to review if I have the time since I have finals coming up. If not, I’ll do it on a case-by-case basis for those who want it.

Full results: Here 

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  1. foomafoo says:

    I really like what you’re doing with the statistics. There’s so much to discover though if only we could gather more data about the demographics of the voters.

    • chikorita157 says:

      Of course, I do not have access to the polldaddy data of course, so it’s not a possibility. However, gathering this data like the platform, blog year and votes take some effort, but it’s worthwhile. And doesn’t take too much time compared to critiquing blogs.