K-ON!! Second Season – Episode 27 (OVA) – The Plan to Travel Abroad

Gitah Reunion, here I come!

It seems that the releases won’t come fast enough, so I finally decide to watch the OVA from the second season of K-ON. Although nobody knows what the movie will be about, this OVA gives us a hint… they are going to travel abroad!

Through my experiences, I have traveled to many states during my past vacations. However, I never traveled abroad and because of this, I never got a passport. So this is basically my first time watching some of the processes that the girls experiences in applying for one. Needless to say, they had fun despite the tediousness.

Azusa is already fascinated in the destinations... in particular, New York City.

Believe it or not, it’s nice to see the girls propose a trip abroad after graduation. Besides Hawaii, there was some subtle musical shout outs. They mentioned London, New York City and Finland, which had an important place in the history of music (The Beatles, Jazz and Air Guitar Championships). I’m kind of surprised that they haven’t mentioned other cities that also influenced music like Chicago and Cleveland. Excluding Finland, most of these destinations are English-speaking, so at least they have their English skills to take advantage of when they arrive.

Mugi teaching self-defense = awesome!

In their planning, it brought many hilarious moments. I basically laughed when Yui played charades so she can get water. It’s clear that it’ an impractical way to communicate to foreigners. Not only that, the return of Mugivision™ appears when Azusa practices self-defense.  No matter what, Mugi will enjoy it since she is a yuri fangirl. Out of all of these moments, the best moment in the whole episode was Yui saying some English. When she said “No Rice, No Life,” it now reminds me of Takako’s numerous English catchphrases from Hanasaku Iroha. While this did not annoy me, the way she said it was so deep that it was humorous.

Sadly, Mio is a consistent target for distraction....

As for the passports, Murphy’s Law kicked in full force mostly because Ritsu manages to screw up again. Not only she left her school ID at home, she incorrectly took Mio’s photo by not leaving enough white space. Thankfully, there is a photo booth conveniently placed near the passport center so Mio can try again. However, I was still puzzled on why Yui and Ritsu deliberately distract Mio. It may look cute to watch her mess up, but they are spending more time and money than they needed. After several attempts, it was finally done. The girls had some fun doing it, so it wasn’t a big loss.

After the long journey to get the passports, it’s clear that the movie will be about the girls having a tour overseas. It’s definitely going to be a treat to see them enjoying themselves in a foreign country with their usual antics.  In short, the OVA was very satisfying since it brought everything that made this show very enjoyable. 

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  1. BeldenOtaku says:

    It’s already been released that the movie will be about the club’s trip to London, somewhere on ANN, but it was a while back…

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