Hidan no Aria – Episode 7 – Shirayuki’s Date and Kinji’s Big Mistake

Watching Shirayuki and Kinji being together is so heartwarming.

After fierce competition between Aria and Shirayuki to win over Kinji, the girls finally cool down. Shirayuki spends her time with him the night before the festival without realizing that the fictional Durandai is targeting her secretly.

While there isn’t so much comedy with Shirayuki compared to the last episode, we have some nice moments with Kinji going out with her to buy clothes and watch fireworks even though her family forbids her. I have to admit that she looks really pretty in the Yukata she picked out on her first time shopping. Also, they almost kissed, but other people who were playing with fireworks interrupted it. This kind of disappointed me since I really wanted them to kiss so she gets a chance to activate his Hysteria Mode. Hopefully they will get a chance to kiss again down the road and not get interrupted every time like in Nogizaka Haruka… Otherwise, I will be very disappointed.

On the other hand, Kinji shoving the Durandai thing aside until the last minute frustrated me. Aria knows that he is going to strike soon if Shirayuki receives a very suspicious text message on her phone, but sadly he doesn’t believe her. I feel that he became embossed in Shirayuki giving him the syrup to heal his cold that he doesn’t want to believe that something bad is going to happen to her. Then again, this was his big mistake as she took the bait and Durandai nearly kidnap herself. If it wasn’t for Reki and eventually Aria, nobody would have known and he would live life full of regrets. From this, my respect towards him kind of dropped a little bit for not being protective of Shirayuki enough.

While the battle between the Durandai unfolds as Aria attempts to arrest him has spark something interesting about the guy. When he grabs Shirayuki, he mentions that she should join the EU. The EU is apparently the same mysterious organization that Riko mentioned to be a member of in order to gain her freedom and name back from her peers. While we don’t know much about the EU, the fact remains… it appears to be a malicious organization seeking to kill Aria.

From the looks of the next episode, the girls finally get their justice against the Durandai and it will be exciting.