Weekly Anime Impressions – Spring 2014 – Week 2 – Atelier Escha & Logy Ep 2 and Nisekoi Ep 13 & 14

I hope that everyone is having an enjoyable Easter. Now, let’s focus on this weeks impressions. (Image Source)

Life Updates

Since spring semester is coming to a close with about two to three weeks remaining, expect updates to slow down a little until finals are complete. Even so, I’m still deciding over watching at least one more show for this season. If I do, I will share my three episode impressions in a separate post and cover it in subsequent Weekly Anime Impressions posts.

Atelier Escha and Logy – Episode 2


As expected, this episode focuses on the third task by skipping the second task of exploring the ruins in the south, unless it’s used in the plot in finding the so-called “Bitter Leaf.” Of course, all the female characters from Atelier Ayesha (Linca, Nio and Wilbell) finally get introduced in addition to Katia.  As expected, Wilbell is just as enjoyable as she is in the games (I should know since I bought the DLC to unlock her as an optional character). Also, Escha finds one piece of the lithograph, which will play an important part in later episodes.

Overall, while I still enjoy this adaptation, I have a feeling that the shipping between Escha and Logy a bit too, well obvious. In the actual games, the romantic relationship is a bit subtle. Even so, I have to give them credit that at least they are focusing more on actual plot and interactions rather than on synthesizing. Sure, the solution to fixing the water supply in the village didn’t get much attention over finding the Bitter Leaf, but at least they managed to get it done.

Nisekoi – Episode 13 and 14


While I fell somewhat behind in this show, I’m glad that I waited since Marika, the third and final girl finally shows up. I admit that she is very adorable for the fact that she changed herself to become the ideal girl he wants. Moreover, she is the only girl who knows what actually happened 10 years ago unlike the other two girls. Although she gets annoyed at the end and shows her true personality in the end, I have to admit that she is my second favorite girl after Kosaki. Even so, I wonder how she met him. We will probably find out next time as it will focus on Marika’s past. 

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  1. Nanami Kamimura says:

    Whatever happened to your final impressions on Nagi no Asukara? It’s been two Thursdays since it ended and there’s been no word from you since that April Fools’ Day joke.

    • chikorita157 says:

      I got sidetracked by college work, which is why there won’t be a final impressions post. Instead, I will be writing a final review in the next week and I have a lot of good things to say for that show.

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