Little Busters Refrain – Episode 12 – A Glimmer of Hope

Rin and Riki finally made it back to the real world. Are they ready to face the big wreck?

Rin and Riki finally made it back to the real world. Are they ready to face the big wreck?

As Riki and Rin leave the world that Kyousuke created, what harsh realities will they face?

Compared to the last episode, I felt that it wasn’t as emotional for the fact that everything was revealed. While it’s interesting to see how the accident happened, it also looked very grim. As seen when Riki deciding to rescue them and going to the crash scene, it looks like a big disaster. There are a lot of motionless bodies and puddles of blood. Considering how much of an impact the bus had while it fell off the cliff, this didn’t surprise me. However, we got to see Masato and Kengo being the big heroes by trying to reduce the impact from the crash while protecting Riki and Rin.

Komari hands her one wish… What will it be?

Komari hands Rin one wish… What will it be?

Amidst this terrible accident, we finally learn about Rin’s situation and why she was so shy. Apparently, some adults have done something that traumatized her. Kyousuke was the only one that broke her out of her shell. This can explain why she was very upset about the crash compared to Riki because of her friends, especially Komari, which is her best friend helped her change and break out of her shell. While I felt that the spiritual trip Rin have with each girl was short, Komari’s farewell was probably the most emotional in comparison as she stayed to the end. It’s obvious that Rin didn’t want to see her go, but thankfully, there was some hope as Rin is granted a wish that will affect the outcome in a good way.

While I was surprised that this wasn’t the last episode, I am glad that there is a glimpse of hope despite how grim the accident was. Since Rin vowed that she would save all her friends, I think the ending is going to be more heart warming .We’ll see how it goes as Rin and Riki tries to save everyone in the big finale. 

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  1. feal87 says:

    I can’t wait to see the finale adapted. Go Rin! *__*

    • chikorita157 says:

      I’m excited too and hopefully it won’t be as gruesome as we seen from the accident.

      Still, I wonder about the other arcs, which they will air next year. :p

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