Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation – Episode 7 – Eggplants and Pururut’s Hidden Goddess Form

It seems that Pururut is a lot friendlier compared to Neptune.

It seems that Pururut is a lot friendlier compared to Neptune.

Finally, we get to see what Pururut is capable of.

While this episode puts the spotlight on Pururut, we got to see how she was like. To me, Pururut has a rather interesting personality that I like. She is a friendly girl that happens to enjoy making dolls and loves to sleep. Her friendliness is apparent when she treats Peashy nicely while Neptune is mean to her, especially when she laughs at her for not taking out the pudding properly. But, I think everyone expects Pururut to show her goddess form and we eventually get just that when IF gets held hostage.

As for the second half, I never predicted that Magiquone would return that quickly after her big defeat a few episodes ago. She apparently buys an eggplant farm in order to defeat Neptune and company. Using eggplant as a weakness is silly for the fact that Neptune could get over it.

You don't want to mess around with Iris Heart!

You don’t want to mess around with Iris Heart!

Even so, Magiquone’s force-feeding IF eggplant was so cruel and unusual that it ticks off Pururut off and cause her to transform. She becomes Iris Heart, who is basically a sadist. She tortured the crap out of Magiquone so much that I couldn’t stop laughing. She eventually tortured Warechu too, who almost defiled Compa. After Magiquone gets defeated for the second time, it’s just pathetic how she uses her new powers to turn into a big purple eggplant that ends up getting chopped up by the goddesses. At least now, she won’t cause any harm to any of the goddesses since she wasted all that money on the farm.

Ironically, IF hates eggplants now.

Ironically, IF hates eggplants now.

After that ordeal, I wonder what kind of dolls Pururut will make next and how she will react when she reveals her goddess form to the other goddesses. Still, it’s rather hilarious how IF bragged about the health benefits of eggplants before loathing it. With all the trouble mostly resolved now, it seems that the next episode will be the beach episode! 

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  1. Overlord-G says:

    I’ve finally figured it out. You’re using the Japanese names because it’s easier for you and because it’s what you do.

    Anyway, good call by the writers to tone down Iris Heart. Heaven knows what would have happened if they had written her as her true self.

    • chikorita157 says:

      Since I intend on playing future games in Japanese, it will make sense… Then again, it’s my policy to use the original names over the localized ones. But aside from that, I thought Iris Heart is amazing although I’m not into torture and pain stuff.

      • Overlord-G says:

        Like I said, wise choice by the writers to tone her down in the anime. I also thought they handled the “Neptune’s kryptonite” cutscene (As I like to call it), VERY well. It’s also a nice touch by tweaking it a little and adding Iris Heart’s highly anticipated debut to the mix.

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