Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation – Episode 2 – Trouble in Super Retro Land

Awww shucks! We got a Tetris coin!

Awww shucks! We got a Tetris coin!

As Rom and Ram causes trouble at home, Neptune and company pays Blanc a visit.

It’s obvious that the Anime will have an original story, but the second episode was a very enjoyable experience because Blanc, Rom and Ram finally get some time in the spotlight. Rom and Ram is so adorable even though they cause trouble by doodling in one of Blanc’s favorite books. Either way, Neptune and her friends (except Blanc) take them to a retro theme park that pays homage to 8-bit titles such as Super Mario Bros and even Tetris! The character printed golden coins, the pipes, turtle and the peaches (probably a reference to Princess Peach) makes a nice touch to the retro theme.

This is probably one of the most perverted villains ever.

This is probably one of the most perverted villains ever.

Like the last episode with all those Dogoos, the very perverted lolicon Trick and Linda kidnaps Rom and Ram for a ransom. Trick disgusts me not because he is like a pedobear, but he wants to eat little girls. That is just cruel. Thankfully the others come to save Rom and Ram and blast the two villains off like they are Team Rocket. Blanc is the most surprising as she looks calm, but has an explosive personality as seen when she beats the crap out of Trick. This is ironic considering that Nintendo is usually family friendly.

Apparently, Blanc is embarrassed of seeing others read the story she wrote.

Apparently, Blanc is embarrassed of seeing others read the story she finished.

Overall, the Neptune Anime remains rather enjoyable despite not playing any of the main games. It appears that they are focusing on three different goddesses and their sisters before getting into the meat of the story, which involves digital piracy. Still, I enjoy the characters as they have a special charm to them along with the references to video game culture. Besides the ones I shared earlier, Vert seems to take a swipe at the Wii’s graphics saying that Lowee’s satellite imaging capturing abilities is inferior to Leanbox’s. Either way, Vert gets some time in the spotlight in the next episode. 

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  1. feal87 says:

    Neptune is lazy
    Noire is a blogger
    Blanc is a mangaka/doujinshi writer

    Vert? What is Vert? 😀

    • chikorita157 says:

      While not shown in the preview, the next episode is focused on Vert next episode as they go to the final country, Leanbox… I think we will learn more about her considering that she doesn’t have any sisters for obvious reasons.

  2. Overlord-G says:

    I wanted to punch a certain person with a Kyubey logo right in the kisser during this episode. If it weren’t for the lovely Abnes’ surprise appearance, I would have murdered someone. Other than…THAT REPRESENTATION OF ALL I HATE OF THE OTAKU HIVE MIND, a good episode, this was.

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