Photo Kano – Episode 13 (END) – Kanon’s Predictable Love Confession

As expected, Kanon is a better younger sister than Kirino, but...

As expected, Kanon is a better younger sister than Kirino, but…

At last, Kanon, Kazuya’s younger sister confesses her love.

It seems that Photo Kano is riding on the incest bandwagon again trying to show Kanon’s love for Kazuya. However, this episode is like any other brother-sister incest shows out there as it cops out with the usual “not blood related,” thus not being a true incestuous relationship. Despite how predictable this episode is, Kanon’s development regarding the time they first met during their childhood and how they grown closer are rather enjoyable and heartwarming. At least she has an enjoyable personality and looks cute compared to a certain younger sister form a certain series that abuses her older brother.

Final Thoughts

While there are a few arcs that I enjoyed, the show’s execution is questionable. It’s mostly because the producers decided to spend most of the time introducing all the girls rather than jump in with the omnibus format from the first episode. The first four episodes sort of work like Yosuga no Sora, which had a common route, but had fewer girls. This didn’t work here, thus the arcs felt rushed and the girls felt underdeveloped. If it had more episodes, maybe we could have gotten to know the girls better and see how their relationship with Kazuya bloom even further.

Overall, Photo Kano is a pretty average show that tries to play it safe a bit too much. While the girls had some interesting aspects compared to Amagami SS, the lacks of character development outside Haruka with so little romance make it feel like a shell of a typical romantic comedy show. If you watched Amagami SS, which had better character development, you are going to feel disappointed watching this.  Therefore, you are better off picking up the game, either on the PSP or Vita, which gives you a better experience.

Overall Rating: 7.4/10, C, Average 

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