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I tend to like some shows that PA Works makes because their animation quality now rivals Kyoto Animation. However, the execution aspect for some of their shows feels like a mixed bag as seen with Hanasaku Iroha or Another. Despite this, I was impressed with Tari Tari as it was a very enjoyable show without the things that tugged me in the wrong way such as the unnecessary cross-dressing. With Red Data Girl, will I have a similar experience?

The overall plot of the story focuses on a sheltered fifteen-year-old girl named Suzuhara Izumiko who decides to cut her hair one day. After that, strange stuff started to happen when she used any kind of electronics. Thus Sagara Miyuki, Izumiko’s childhood friend now has to protect her because she is a vessel for a spirit named the Himegami. With Izumiko and Miyuki enrolled into a special school called Hojo High School specializing in magical and mystical activities, they have to start getting along with each other and deal with the challenges ahead while finding out the mystery of the Himegami.

As a whole, the story felt interesting mostly because there was a lot of supernatural stuff going around. Besides Izumiko, there are familiars she can take control of and strange events happening around her such as spirit of Masumi coming out of nowhere. However, I felt that some viewers got confused as this show draws a lot from Japanese culture and history such as  a historical battle. Not only that, I felt that they only vaguely revealed some things about the Himegami such as her powers, how she managed to pass her spirit from generation to generation while facing death and the fact that the Himegami is Izumiko. Because of that, there are a lot of things regarding the Himegami, which remain a mystery such as how she destroyed mankind, Despite this, there were some interesting moments such as the Tokyo trip and Manatsu dealing with Tabi’s death to name a few.

On the other hand, I felt that the story had an interesting cast. Besides Izumiko and Miyuki, you also have the Souda twins (considering that Masumi is dead), which consists of the horse loving Manatsu and the rather cheerful Mayura. While the former doesn’t really do much, Mayura is probably the most interesting as she has a rivalry against Takayanagi, who seems to be after Izumiko’s powers. She is resourceful and determined to beat her rival for Masumi’s sake. Still, most of the character development is focused on Izumiko and Miyuki as they grow some kind of intimate relationship for each other despite disliking each other before. I think the reason why he changed is for the fact that he is chosen to protect the Himegami, thus he realized how special Izumiko is when he begged to the Himegami to give her back when she took complete control of her body.  While we didn’t get to see them date each other, I think they make a good couple. Of course, Izumiko becomes confident and gradually shreds her timid personality, especially in the later episodes.

Overall, I think Red Data Girl is an enjoyable show despite some missing information pertaining to the plot. The story was intriguing enough to keep me interested.  While the show would have been better if it had more episodes, the characters and the fact that Takayanagi turned into a cute white dog in a somewhat exciting finale was enough for me.  The adaption was good enough, but it could have been better.

Overall Rating: 8.6/10, B, Very Good 

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  1. Think my overall rating is close to “C”. I was pretty okay with the whole Shinto and supernatural elements, but beyond that, it just how disjointed the story was that got me. Maybe if I decided to do a second look at this my opinion may change slightly to see something I didn’t on my first, but will be while before I do. I did like it, but did not enjoy it or loved as much as I thought I would sadly.

    • chikorita157 says:

      The adaptation was messy, but I think that shouldn’t deter me from reading the original source material. It’s such as shame though since I kind of like Izumiko.

  2. Overlord-G says:

    Hanasaku, a show I loved and Another, a show that was decent, were both produced by the same studio? Wow…I still don’t care.

    Anyway, since this show is on my schedule, I’ll do my best to review it after I return from my week long break. It doesn’t sound deplorable. Mostly…okay, I guess. I shall see soon enough.

    • chikorita157 says:

      It’s a enjoyably alright show, but I think they could have done it better… but I am interested to see what you think about it once you finish it…

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