Suisei no Gargantia – Episode 5 – Welcome Barbecues and Job Searching

Ledo continues to get used to life at Gargantia.

When I was rewatching Madoka last weekend, I notice the big difference in approach this show is taking. While there has been so few killings so far, it’s somewhat apparent that Urobuchi might be attacking the idealism of war that ingrained in Alliance. This somewhat relate to real life because there has been several instances of war in the 21st century such as the Iraq and Afghanistan war where many people died.  Compared to the American Army, the Alliance goes to extremes to prepare for the impending threat. Moreover, the Alliance doesn’t allow anyone to own items or money while eating anything to keep them in shape. Basically, it’s like a totalitarian empire, but a lot worse.

On the other hand, I like how Amy and her friends are making an effort to help Ledo fit in. He is gradually transitioning from his life of war to something more peaceful. He shows this when he wants to get a job but has a hard time doing so even with Amy’s help.  Furthermore, I felt that they threw a barbecue party and have him get the sauce to make him more at home and enjoy the food people eat at Gargantia. From the look of it, I think he will be less reliant on Chamber and probably end up staying if he is ever found.  It will be interesting if he decides to do that in the finale or not. 

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  1. foshizzel says:

    Beach episode for the win! For a mecha series I did not expect this to happen, but this series feels a lot like Eureka Seven because it has giant robots yet it is more about the characters growing; however this was more slice of life instead of actual plot development…

    I guess we should ENJOY these kinds of episodes for now because eventually we will get sadness or will we? I keep hearing Urobuchi is only “helping” with the series instead of writing the entire script? I guess we shall see how serious things get in the future of Gargantia.

    • chikorita157 says:

      I wonder about the drama scenes as it feels like a slice of life, except with robots… Not so much conflict so far besides the pirates as they are still expanding on the world of Gargantia. Who knows, we may get some action sooner than later when the pirates strikes again or something.

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