Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – Episode 11 – Rika’s Shining Moment and Kodaka’s Shameless Denial

Just read it!

Just read it!

Kodaka has a lot of serious issues, which apparently made some people filled with rage…

Out of the girls, Yozora shivers in fear after the announcement that he will shove it off.

Out of the girls, Yozora shivers in fear after the announcement that he will shove it off.

As expected, everyone is angry because Kodaka continues to escape from the talk of romance. While it’s kind of cowardly and selfish of him to protect himself just to keep the status quo, I think there is a deeper issue. Notice that he has no parents, well the only thing that keeping him well is the club. Once he starts to have a romantic relationship with one of the girls, he fears that chaos will ensue with other girls, especially if Yozora becomes envious, which will lead to the club’s destruction1. Sena’s awkward confession was just a monkey wrench thrown into the mess. Since none of them actually recognize each other as friends yet, it just makes the problem worse. Not only that, her marriage confession was done in a very awkward moment. I don’t think she realizes that marriage is a big responsibility. Because of that, they should be thinking about it since they are just teenagers.

On the other hand, Rika pretty much shined in this episode like the last. From the movie, it seems that she stayed up all night long-playing around with Adobe After Effects to make the movie look amazing. Not only that, she made him read a yaoi novel while she was in bed. I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see him carrying her to the nurse’s office, but oh well.

She's back and I kind of feel bad for her.

She’s back and I kind of feel bad for her.

Despite the drama, I think it will get sorted in the finale once they recognized that they are friends and should work on improving it. Besides, I find it ironic that Yusa tried to dismantle the club since Kodaka was scared that romance would do just that. If she got her way, they would have been screwed anyway even if he selfishly protected his feelings for the sake of the club. Thankfully, Sena abused her powers to make Maria a part-time teacher so the club can stay.

Some Notes

  1. Then again, he should have chosen the harem route, then everyone would be happy


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