Chikorita Cast – Episode 2 – State of the AniBlogosphere (AniBlog Tourney Edition)

Artist: swordsouls
It has been a while since I did a podcast, but it’s finally alive, for now at least. Since I don’t feel like writing about this subject in written form again, I’m doing it in video podcast form. Also, I got a new microphone, which is another reason I want to record one. However, I’m not perfect because I don’t make podcasts on a frequent basis.

In this episode, I will analyze some data I gathered about the state of blogging in the Aniblogosphere. The contains all the blogs participated in the first round with a few dead ones in the second round. So enjoy and feel free suggest other topics I should focus on in future podcasts.

Also, all the data that I compiled is here in PDF form. (Image Source)


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  1. foshizzel says:

    Nice work on the video~

    Blogging takes sooooo much time for some of us which is why I started going the “video review” route on some of my recent posts, but that of course takes time as well and it is really awesome to see all these new anime bloggers pop up! That said most of them quit probably because of time issues and lack of response aka comments which quickly kills the “drive” to continue writing posts.

    • chikorita157 says:

      Blogging takes a while since you have to go over what you wrote and also come up with thoughts… Video or audio podcasts are easier to do since people would rather hear and look rather than read. But still, I’m doing audio commentary on my video game recordings, so it’s not solely limited to podcasting.

      Lack of comments can be a demotivating factor and I have experience this a bit although it doesn’t make a big impact. Of course, some people may not have anything to say, which is why I enable likes on my post so I know that they enjoyed what I wrote without them having to make a comment. But, the bottom line is that if a blogger participate on social networks and interact with others, they will at least have some comments in their posts.

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