Tamako Market – Episode 4 – Anko’s Cuteness and the Festival

I think everyone's hearts exploded when they saw how cute Anko really is!

I think everyone’s hearts exploded when they saw how cute Anko really is!

Tamako’s younger sister, Anko finally gets the spotlight when she wants to ditch the festival.

From the looks of the first scene where Anko dresses up as a princess during her childhood years, it seems that she enjoyed the festival. I know she would eventually grow out of having fun in the festival since she deals with it every year. This is why she doesn’t want to be a part of it and would rather go out with her friends as seen with her arguing with her family. Underneath it all, she apparently has a crush on one of her classmates.

She is still cute while making those faces.

She is still cute while making those faces.

Surprisingly, she is afraid when her love interest walks because the fact that she is part of a family who runs a mochi business. While I understand this, it’s not really something to get embarrassed over, especially when the festival looks likely and fun. Then again, insecurity seems to be a common theme with teenage girls (at least in America). In contrast to her older sister, Tamako doesn’t seem to care since she is already preoccupied with mochi and the shopping district. Because of this, it makes me wonder if she would ever get together with Mochizou at this rate. Oh well!

It seems that this boy just wanted to give her a souvenir, that is all.

It seems that this boy just wanted to give her a souvenir, that is all.

In the end, I wasn’t too shocked by Anko not going with her friends and instead participate in the festivities. Maybe it has to do with her helping a child get dressed as she was in their shoes before. Even so, I feel that this realization shows that there is part of her who still appreciates the festival even though she grew apart from it. Then again, she can always see the museum any time even though the exhibits won’t be the same.  Even so, she still looked really adorable, especially when she becomes embarrassed and tries to hide from her crush. It’s understandable as everyone has been there. It just takes courage to reveal your feelings.

On an unrelated note, I’m stunned by how fat Dera got in this episode. At the rate he is going, he may as well live at the mochi shop forever since he is too plump to fly back. 

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  1. feal87 says:

    I really don’t expect Tamako to ever understand about love, she’s far too innocent and I doubt that’ll change any time soon…:D

    • chikorita157 says:

      It’s kind of sad though, although it’s pretty shocking that Anko seems to be interested in love already… Eventually it will change, someday…

  2. Overlord-G says:

    I’ll sum up my thoughts on Anko in one simple sentence “my nickname for her is “Not-Ui”
    So Not-Ui’s episode was decent. She ain’t as entertaining as Tamako but she’s somewhat interesting as a person.

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