Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s – Episode 7 – The Chase Continues…

Believe it or not, Fate is happy to receive her new cellphone.

Believe it or not, Fate is happy to receive her new cellphone.

After a long break, its time to continue where I left off…

With the Wolkenritter’s true intentions is finally revealed to the viewer as they collect linker cores to prevent the book from taking Hayate away, we are left with a dilemma. Now, Nanoha and Fate is after them. Especially with the two receiving upgrades on their intelligent devices, they are pretty much even or even exceed the strength the Wolkenritter have combined. From the looks of the battle between Signum and Fate, it almost looked like a draw although the former looked even worse. I kind of wanted to see some conclusion, but the masked man had to come and take out Fate’s Linker Core. I highly doubt Signum will hand it over to the Book of Darkness, but instead restore it back where it came from. Doing so will probably disgrace any honor she has.

They almost cooked a nice dinner until...

They almost cooked a nice dinner until…

Aside for the action, we get to see a glimpse of slice of life. Apparently, Fate gets a new cellphone, which allows her to communicate with her friends. Yeah, the cellphones she receives pales in comparison to our high-tech smartphones or even any other cellphones you can get in Japan today. It looked like one of those flip-phones you can get in the early 2000s. Meanwhile, Yuuno is doing research with those suspicious cat girls. I wonder what they are actually up to as they are hiding something nasty.

This guy appears, steal Fate's Linker Core and... CLIFFHANGER!

This guy appears, steals Fate’s Linker Core and… CLIFFHANGER!

Putting aside the Masked Man, it’s clear that Signum is going to do the right thing and put the Linker Core back into Fate’s body. If she took it, I think she would become remorseful for the fact that she didn’t defeat her opponent fairly. Even so, I wonder about the true identity of the masked man. I suppose we will find that out and more sooner than later as Fate recovers from her injuries. 

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