Little Busters – Episode 15 – Sleepovers and Riki’s Feminine Side

They have lots of fun things planned for Riki.

They have lots of fun things planned for Riki.

While not much happens, the sleep over was very entertaining.

It’s strange that Riki didn’t react the way he supposed to when he is surrounded with cute girls. It always seems that he wanted to go back to the boy’s dorm, but couldn’t. On the other hand, the sleepover was very entertaining. Besides the baths, Yukiko tied him up and blindfolded him while Haruka and Kud fed him sweets. Hopefully, I’m not sensing any S&M overtones in that scene.

Komari can also stop a sword quite perfectly.

Komari can also stop a sword quite perfectly.

Of course, the sword fight towards the end with everyone was just hilarious. Everyone wanted to be the winner so they won’t be forced to reveal which person they like (it’s quite obvious). I felt bad that the girls purposely targeted Komari to lure Rin to play. Eventually that happened, but Kanata got her army of discipline officers barged into their room. Probably this indicates what girl they will focus on next.

Mio's delusions goes in full force.

Mio’s delusions goes in full force.

On the other hand, there is one thing I really enjoyed and it’s the crossdressing. It’s bound to happen since Riki already looks effeminate. Therefore, the girl school uniform is a no brainer. It just looks good on him, especially when Yuiko tried to do that yuri scene that got Mio excited. She even took pictures of Riki dressed as a girl and sent them to Kyousuke. Yep, I can see where she is going with her yaoi/yuri fantasies again. At the same time, I think it provided an effective disguise for him so Kanata wouldn’t catch him, but it’s not without any consequences though.

Yuiko can't resist this!

Yuiko can’t resist this!

Compared to the other slice of life filler episodes that also exist in the visual novel, I felt that this one was better executed. It was just a treat to see Riki finally dressed as a girl in the sleepover scene as we don’t get to see how he looks in the visual novel. On the other hand, there is another instance where he crossdresses and it’s in Saya’s arc. The only difference is that he now wears a wig, which makes it more convincing. I doubt it will get an adaptation, but it will be interesting to see once I can play it. 

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  1. feal87 says:

    I actually heard a tweet from one of the production staff saying that ALL heroines (side-characters included) will get explored in this adaptation. I wonder how to adapt such a difficult arc like Saya’s one…

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