Little Busters – Episode 11 – Komari and Company goes Ghost Busting

You might be wondering, what happened to Komari's face?

You might be wondering, what ever happened to Komari’s cheeks?

Not much in terms of plot in this episode besides the good old “Test of Courage.”

Since Mio finally joins Little Busters in the last episode, Kyousuke decides to have some fun of his own. For that, we have the Test of Courage where groups collects pieces of paper while avoiding scary traps he set up. Believe it or not, Yuiko, Haruka and Rikki managed to find three of them while avoiding most of the traps. Meanwhile, Rin, Kud and especially Komari fell into every trap. Although we didn’t get to see much of Mio, at least she showed up towards the end when everyone tried to catch the black mysterious thing that turns out to be a bird.

Welcome back, old friend!

Welcome back, old friend!

On the other hand, its kind of intriguing how Kyousuke manages to reunite with an eagle that decided to return out of nowhere. Sure, I kind of felt bad for it when it got tied up, but at least it returned for a hug after all these years before leaving. Still, I wonder how Kyousuke raised it without nobody realizing except Little Busters before having to give it up.

Yuiko knows how to wake up any girl.

Yuiko knows how to wake up any girl.

As a whole, the episode was a fairly enjoyable transition episode with some cute moments such as Run and Kud trying to wake up Komari after she faints from being scared. In one instance, Yuiko even lifted up Komari’s skirt to have Rin and Kud take a peek of her panties. She manages to remain resilient regardless the situation. Besides that, it seems like we are in for some drama next time when they will start focusing on Mio again. 

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