Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai – Episode 9 – Shinka Plays Cupid

It can’t be?! She is in… LOVE!

Believe it or not, we are witnessing a transformation in front of our eyes with Rikka. That is romance!

For a while now, it’s apparent that Rikka had some kind of interest in Yuuta for a while now, but it wasn’t too apparent since she lived in her alternate reality. Back in episode 5, I suggested that she might have some kind of crush on him after he suggested a phase for her email address. Now, the catalyst known as Shakespeare has awakened the feeling of love she has for Yuuta. No wonder she can no longer face him knowing that she is in love! The only problem is that Yuuta is completely oblivious to her strange behavior, which leads us to intervention.

This is for your own good!

On the other hand, Shinka tries to play cupid in getting the two together. It’s just amusing that she uses a romance manga as a guide to have the two recognize their love for each other and confess. She even goes so far and shoves the manga in front of Rikka’s face and forces her to recite lines she says. Afterwards, she had her help setting up the festival stuff with Yuuta. Whether or not this method is effective is up to debate, but it gave a glimpse of progress at the end when he saves her from the roof.

From the looks of it, maybe Rikka might confess next time. Either way, her discovery of love might be the solution that Touka might be looking for to make her normal again after all these years. Either way, there is no turning back and perhaps we will see something lovely between the two like a date as the show approaches its finale. Maybe by then, Kumin will probably stop being obvious and perhaps get a boyfriend too. 

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  1. marthaurion says:

    I’m totally cool with Rikka becoming more normal…

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