Hyouka – Episode 21 – Getting Upset Over Valentines Day Chocolates

Oh, he is asking for it…

As one would expect, it’s all about chocolate. It’s not just any kind of chocolate, Valentines Day chocolates!

Since the beginning, Mayaka’s relationship with Satoshi is mostly one-sided. It’s already apparent that she has feelings for him, but he doesn’t want to admit them. Besides the chocolate incident that happened in Junior High because he wouldn’t accept it and made an excuse to shrug her off, it seems that he is avoiding her questions about the relationship. It’s obvious when he plays robot-fighting games at the arcade with Hountarou to waste time and avoid confronting that question. Of course, this doesn’t help the fact that Mayaka worked even harder to make Valentines chocolates using actual cocoa with Eru’s help and it got stolen at the end.

He does the unthinkable…

On the other hand, you might realize that the mystery behind the missing chocolates is merely a fabrication. Besides Eru showing anger that nobody witnessed before, it’s obvious that Satoshi sneaked in, broke the chocolate in half and stuff it in his bag.  As previously mentioned, he just wants to avoid answering that dreadful question that Mayaka keeps asking. He is afraid of having to give up the stuff he enjoys to dedicate his life to her. While I understand that he might not be ready for that commitment, it doesn’t make it right to leave her hanging as it will only hurt her and even his friends. Besides, how much dedication she needs depends on the girl as spoiled ones take the most time away Judging from Mayaka, I don’t think she is that type of girl. Even so, I have to put some blame on her since she pushed aggressively for the relationship without thinking about how he feels.

I never see her this angry before…

In the end, this is probably the most intense Valentines Day episode I ever saw. Seeing Eru so pumped up to the point where Hountarou has to restrain her was amazing. Also, it seems that she wanted to give chocolates to him on Valentines Day, but couldn’t.  Still, there is one more episode left to wrap things up, which is kind of odd since it was originally slated for 21 episodes, but whatever. 

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  1. Smithcb says:

    Don’t know if the shock wave registered here on the West Coast when my jaw hit the floor as Oreki actually grabbed Chitanda’s wrist, but . . . whoa! Then he grabs Satoshi by the jacket (boom again!). Someone else has mentioned it elsewhere, but it seems Satoshi needs to realize he’s obsessing about not being obsessive. If he thinks Mayaka is going to let him control her, he’ll be in intensive care five minutes later. I’m willing to be if there is a kiss in this series, it will be between Satoshi and Mayaka, and it will be Mayaka that does the kissing with a warning that he’d better like it or else.!!!

    • chikorita157 says:

      Wow… such intense words for Satoshi, but yeah… he is a bad boyfriend, which makes me wonder why Mayaka still has a crush on him after all the things he done.

  2. feal87 says:

    Stealing and hiding the chocolate was really a pathetic thing for Satoshi to do, just decide WITH HER or WITHOUT HER. /me angry >_<

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