AKB0048 – Episode 2 – Afuu~

I wish I can hide from this terrible show...

Like expected, this episode is not any better than the first.

When I watched the first episode, I wasn’t expecting much except for the ridiculous and terrible premise. Although I have been rather harsh on the show just on the first episode, I decided to give it another chance with the second episode. Also, I saved my sanity by muting the video in the first episode. This time, I’m going all out!

So much for being friends...

Just to be fair, I know that the girls are inexperienced in voice acting, but this is terrible. Nagisa’s voice bothered me the most since it feels extremely out of place for her character and it made my ears bleed since it sounds bad.  Not only that, her character bothers me the most since she makes one of the dumbest mistakes that could have killed her. She simply went back to the room so she can retrieve the ribbon she lost and the enemy robot grabbed her. Although I was rather harsh in saying that since it was something special her mother made, this action lacked any common sense.

On the other hand, the characters in general are bland and there is no charm in them. AKB48 fans will think otherwise since they should know the personalities of these idols. For viewers who aren’t familiar with them, I find them rather boring. At one point, Chieri was about to rip Nagisa apart so she can become the successor of the AKB0048. Even her character put me to sleep even though she was rather cold at first.

Hand over your Idol goods now!

After watching this episode, AKB0048 is a train wreck in slow motion. I don’t expect anything good to come out of it after watching two and three wouldn’t make a difference. Yeah, mecha and fighting is great and all. However, shows like Macross Frontier and Senki Zesshou Symphogear has better fighting scenes than this. This is just robots raiding a ship while firing at it since there are some girls who are participating in the audition. That is rather lame since I expected something more exciting out of this. Aside from that, I may as well put it out of its misery and give it the drop hammer.

Notes: I apologize if I was harsh towards this episode. I simply didn’t enjoy it at all and I rationally explained my reasons why I felt that way in a recent editorial. 

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  1. alsdkfj says:

    Too bad you didn’t stick till ep 3
    It turned into Modern Warfare – Idol edition.

    • chikorita157 says:

      Even so, I still think the show is still stupid… there are better military anime out there that doesn’t blatantly promote horrible music from a certain idol group that has no singing talent or anything special about them.

      • alsdkfj says:

        Horrible music is subjective and you obviously don’t know what exactly “idol groups” are………<__<

        • chikorita157 says:

          The truth is, I don’t care about them since they are too commercialized. I rather focus my efforts on people who have actual talent than just on pretty looks as seen with Japanese and Korean idol groups. You don’t necessarily have to agree with my opinion since its subjective. However, I apologize if I offended you…

          So let’s drop the subject here…