Mouretsu Pirates – Episode 16 – The Embarrassing Cosplay Raid

Chiaki got duped.

After Marika manages to get the Bentenmaru to move, they are left with one more challenge… raid the ship matey!

Piracy? It's more like Cosplay Cafe...

I don’t know, but the raid in this episode was utterly ridiculous. If you seen actual pirates, you should know that they are badass, tough and intimidating. However, I don’t see this from the Yacht Club because Mami thought it was a good idea to give the girls cosplay costumes. When I saw them dressed like that, I almost want to scream! I understand that they are girls, but Mami should have put more effort in making actual pirate outfits, but no… She would rather appeal to the moe, thus potentially tarnishing the good reputation that the Bentenmaru has (although, I admit that they look pretty cute). Thankfully, the regular crew didn’t see this disaster and the audience actually enjoyed the performance, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Aside from the embarrassing pirating raid, the most interesting part of this episode was Lynn. She seems worried from the communication she had overnight. Thankfully, Marika, Chiaki and the princesses managed to get some information about her plan to kidnap Jenny so they can stop an arranged marriage. With that, things certainly got interesting because it’s obvious that people would rather marry someone who we love rather than marry someone they don’t even like. Since they know the truth, I hope Marika and the Yacht Club manages to pull a successful kidnapping. Heck, I don’t have to worry since everything works out when Marika is around! 

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  1. Rakuen says:

    This episode was just… so… painful for me. I’ve come to expect Marika will succeed somehow, but this was ridiculous. I thought with a change of crew, the show might redevelop some actual tension. The actual crew of the Bentenmaru had so much experience that they could save Marika whenever her supernatural instincts failed her. When we had the yacht club at the beginning, their inexperience made it feel like they might fail so it was more exciting. It doesn’t look like we’re going to get that magic back.

    Yet somehow I can’t stop watching it just yet because I want to find out what’s up with Jenny. Blast it all! XD

    • chikorita157 says:

      Yes, I agree. Change is not always a good thing, especially when the Yacht club lacks a good amount of experience. I feel that the only reason it turns out right because Marika… but she is becoming too much of a Mary Sue as we hardly see her fail, which kind of bothers me. But still, I’ll continue watching mostly because of Chiaki, but that is pretty much it.

  2. chaostangent says:

    It was definitely an episode to watch between your fingers with how cringeworthy it was. The actual pirating part of this series has always sat a little oddly with me – it’s obviously played as theatre (which I guess is why the new Bentenmaru crew got away with this) but we’re still shown the crew taking gold and valuables. Do the passengers of the cruise liner know they’re going get “robbed” or are they legally obligated to hand over their booty? Very odd.

    Sounds like the next arc is going to be the best, how they’ll shoe-horn in the existing Bentenmaru crew is another question though…

    • chikorita157 says:

      I agree that the pirating in this show is kind of cheezy and not akin to actual pirating. The thing I like about pirate movies is ships fighting with each other and seek to find treasure… but this, it’s more of an act to rip off insurance companies. I can’t imagine how much premiums Bentenmaru has to pay because I could imagine it being very high to cover the valuables.

      But yes, the next arc will be interesting since the girls finally do some actual warfare to kidnap Jenny, but hopefully it’s an indication that the actual crew will return so the viewers don’t have to watch the incompetent crew.