Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Second Season – Episode 6 – キラキラメ! Magical Girl Tsugiko appears!

I know you loved this... admit it!

After picketing over the rich, Milky Holmes boards a train with the G4 to solve another mystery.

Obviously by the title, it’s a parody of Murder on the Orient Express and it sure looks like one. Throughout the whole episode, it was full of crazy passengers on board. A fat person eating lard that keeps getting blamed, a couple doing it while the train goes and a suspicious business man.  It’s not surprising at all since the main cast is rather silly to begin with.

EEK! A head crab lashed onto my face!

If you thought that is not enough, Nero eats all the lunches and Elly wears just a man’s shirt with nothing else underneath it. The G4 also gets into some shenanigans while Kokoro is unconscious. When Hirano opened the chest, a creature laches to her face. When that happened, it kind of reminded me of the head-crab from the Half-Life series since it does the same thing, but a lot deadlier. Even so, it boggles my mind on why would someone sell a horseshoe Crab? Not only they’re endangered, taking one from the wild and raising it has some questionable legality and ethical issues.

Transformation Go

To add the cherry on top of the strawberry sundae, I like how Sheryl convinced Tsugiko to wear the frilly outfit that Kokoro had on. From that, we get Magical Girl Tsugiko, which looked adorable as she does the transformation act. That scene was amazing, although Irene forcefully changed Kokoro in that outfit.

Can't forget about the Mugivision™

Aside from that, the conductor was behind the bomb threat since he wants to see Kokoro. I suppose that some fans of her haven’t gotten over with her quitting her idol career and reuniting with the G4. Still, it’s hilarious how she got knocked out through a sequence of events. Even so, the statue of Kamakura gets blown up at the end from Milky Holmes’s stupidity even though I suspect that Aresené is behind setting up the trap. This will become more apparent in the next episode as she launches an assault both on Milky Holmes and the Genius 4.