Working’!! Second Season – Episode 9 – Yachiyo’s and Satou’s Cellphone Shopping Date

Yachiyo's cuteness never gets old...

Yachiyo kind of goes on a date with Satou to get acquainted with technology!

Oh no, he just got friend zoned... or did he?

What shocked me about Yachiyo is that she is technologically illiterate. Since the 90s, technology has changed substantially, especially for Japan considering how technologically advanced they now are. Not only that, cell phones has become a norm for convenience and easy communication. Now, smartphones are the next big thing over cellphones for its capabilities.  Thankfully, Satou offers to buy her one so she can join the mobile revolution. This leads us to some really cute moments of them looking like a couple.

Simply Irresistible...

Besides the new cellphone she gets, this episode had so many adorable moments of her that I got a nosebleed. Aside her shyness and staying close to Satou, her faux confession with Souma in order to get a picture of Kyoko was the most hilarious. It looked so real until they teased us at the last moment. Even so, Satou placing a blanket on her while she napped was a heartwarming moment. Someday, I hope he will get out of the friend zone and actually date her.

First, Souta made Inami cry and now Aoi... He is one inconsiderate person.

For Souta, his mean streak had spread to Aoi after he made Inami cry a few episodes back. Although I don’t blame him since she is a troublemaker, you have to admit that she is cute and actually makes an attempt to improve. Because of this, my respect for him simply hit rock bottom for not being able to control his anger. To make matters worse, this is not the first time he acted like a jerk towards her. In one notable instance, he promptly turns down a request to spoil her in the harshest way possible.  With her continual smearing of him and praising of Kotori, I feel that the fighting between them will never end. None of that matters since he might cross-dress again just for Inami.