Blog Carnival: Going Further with views on Animanga Blogs

Just a month ago, I shared my opinions about the never-ending debate regarding Episodic vs Editorial blogs in a recent editorial. Since then, a fellow blogger named Foxy Lady Ayame started a project for bloggers to share their thoughts about a specific topic in the Anime Fandom. For this one, it’s focused on reflections on Animanga blogs. Since it’s closely related to what I have talked about a month ago, it shouldn’t hurt to talk about it from a different perspective. (Image Source)
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Editorial vs Episodic Blogs – Why it Shouldn’t Matter

In the recent months, there is something nasty that has spouted out from the Aniblog Tournament, although this debate has been going on in the blogosphere for a long time. It’s the battle between editorial vs. episodic blogs to decide which one is better. For me, I feel that the debate is pointless since it shouldn’t matter for reasons I will explain below. (Image Source)
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Competition and Anime Blogging, is it Harmful?

Given the various posts floating in the blogosphere about the Aniblog Tourney and competition that came after the first round, I like to share some of my thoughts about the negative externalities of competition and why it’s not necessarily a good thing. (Image Source)
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Chikorita Cast – Episode 1 – Aniblogosphere Tourney Recap

Well, this marks the first episode of my new podcast, which will focus on various topics regarding to Anime and the fandom. For now, it will work on an infrequent basis since it takes time to edit and record (future episodes will be audio only).If anyone is interested in joining for one of the episodes, I’ll be happy to do so. Just contact me.

In this episode, I will talk about my results from the Anime Blog Tourney while I record myself through the camera. Of course, the results surprised many, including myself, but not a big deal.

Since most people mistaken me as a male tsundere, I decided to introduce myself a bit more. I explain my background and such. So, I hope you enjoy and feel free to talk about it! Also, I wish good luck to the other participants in the tourney. I should have the other critiques for the Green Bracket by the end of this week.

Excuse my coarse voice… I just came home. (Image Source)

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Little Busters and JC Staff: The Changes of Time

Just recently, Key announced that JC Staff would produce the Little Busters anime. Unfortunately, this was not well received by the fans. It stirred a lot of harsh criticism since they expect Kyoto Animation to make it. From what I have seen, this makes me wonder if the rage is justifiable or the fans are too entitled?

In the past two days, I read three opinion pieces regarding the whole matter. Therefore, I felt the need to share my own thoughts on why their decision isn’t as bad or rather, marks a transition to the New Key. (Image Source)
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What Makes a “Good” Anime?

In a perfect world, most fans would enjoy all the anime that gets produced. Sadly, this isn’t the case since we do not know what the show will give us until we watch it. This leaves us with the usual remark, “It gets better, I swear” which is frequently used as a defense. I’m a firm believer of that because any show can have a potential of becoming good. This leaves us with the question, what exactly makes a good anime? I will explain just that along with my experiences.
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Anime Blogging and Longevity – The Challenges Ahead

I want share some thoughts about Anime Blogosphere’s longevity since this post sparked my interest. Ever since the first Aniblog Tourney finished in 2010, good amount of blogs have died at the 1 to 2-year mark while new ones pop up. Only a handful ever passed the three years and beyond mark. There are many factors I have explained such as time management issues. However, there are other aspects that I haven’t covered, which I like to share. (Image Source)
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Anime, Blogging and Life – Enjoying and Managing Time

In this week’s editorial, I decided to take up a topic in the blogosphere that is relatively important with any Anime fan: “How does one fits time to watch shows while juggling with college or work?” Given that I have managed to survive three years and made over 830 posts about Anime, you wonder how the hell I manage that when college gives you a lot of work to do. I’ll share my experiences on how I find free time to watch shows and blog while doing well in college. (Image Source)
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