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In the past, I decided to do these types of questionnaire posts from other Anime bloggers to give a sense of what type of fan I am. Since a fellow Anime blogger, Overlord-G who is the author of The Yuri Nation decided to tag me, I will do it for fun.
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The Life Lessons I Learned From Watching Anime

Back in February, I shared my thoughts on why I continued to watch Anime. Still, the special thing about Anime is its ability to cover a wide range of topics and in some instances, show the little things in life. It makes me wonder, how does Anime presents this? (Image Source)
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My Anime Music Tournament Picks

Unless you are living under the rock, a fellow blogger named zzeroparticle who runs the Anime Instrumentality Blog has created the first tournament for Anime Music. If you like listening to Anime Music like I do, go ahead and nominate your favorite songs. But in this post, I’m going to discuss the top ten songs I nominated. As always, my picks are subjective so you don’t have to agree with them.

So, what criteria did I use for my nomination ballot? First, I only considered opening, insert songs and ending themes for shows I have watched and listened. Second, I also factor in how good the song sounds along with how memorable and enjoyable the song for my nominations. While my choices are biased for recent Anime, hopefully you won’t judge me.

With that, I will share the top 5 picks I nominated for the tournament first with some arrangements on the piano. (Image Source)
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Papa Kiki, Clannad and Family – A Worthwhile Commitment

After watching 8 episodes of Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai, there was something that really got me thinking. Although many dissed the show as something perverted, the drama in the 8 episodes I watched proved that raising a family is a difficult task and reminding me of Clannad, which had similar themes. Despite the difficulties the fathers faced in both shows, they continued because its worthwhile experience. (Image Source)
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The Observation of Music from Key’s Visual Novels

After listening to the Angel Beats Original Soundtrack, I wondered about the other Original Soundtracks from other previous Key works like Kanon, Air and Clannad. After extensively listening to them, the three soundtracks had different styles between them and obviously completely different from the synth dominated tracks in Angel Beats.

Note: Fanart used in this post is made by さとPON
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Clannad – Kotomi’s Arc – Final Impressions

Watch out for her violin playing! Its nasty...

Since I still have a shortage of quality subs and I have watched Kotomi’s arc over again in the first season, why not finish her arc in the Visual Novel? The anime adaptation of Kotomi’s Arc is done the same way Mai’s arc was done in the Kanon (2006 remake) Anime. However, there was a few differences in the visual novel material, so I will explain them along with my overall thoughts. (Contain VN spoilers)
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Clannad – Dub Impressions Episodes 1-3

Another excuse to watch Clannad again...

This is an unbiased review on the new dub. Since I have watched the whole season back in 2009 when it was only in fansubs, why not take advantage of viewing it in English? It seems fun, right?

The dub wasn’t all that bad. I’m pretty lenient and don’t complain why it doesn’t sound like the original because it’s difficult to imitate the pitch since it’s a different language. As long it’s not 4Kids, we are fine.

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Just don't ask why the hell I'm playing this…

On Wednesday during the week of finals, someone on Twitter was playing this game called CLANNAD spelunker, which is essentially a Clannad themed version of the original Spelunker on the Atari. If it has Clannad characters, it must not be that bad… you will be mistaken when I show how hard this game really is.

Warning: There is a lot of swearing when I made the post.

It is pretty odd to have a game such as spelunker and slap Clannad characters in it… Well, yes… it’s so out of place… Now to the gameplay:

Character Selection Screen

Although I can’t read Japanese, it doesn’t really matter since its pretty obvious. In Clannad Spelunker, you can play as Nagisa, Kotomi, Tomoyo and Yukine. I’n guessing that each character has different abilities… I don’t know… but whatever.

The Gameplay

The goal of this game is to explore caves, collect treasures and defeat enemies… Sound easy, right? You will find out sooner…

What? I just died from that jump? WHAT????!!!!!

That is fucking bullshit! I died from that fall? Yep, I did and it wasn’t that high… Note that when you lose a life, you go back to a place in the level… Note that when you hit a checkpoint, you will get sent back there when you lose a life

The game fools you in thinking the game is easy. Compared to the original spelunker which is one hit and game over, Clannad Spelunker gives you 4 tries and you can replenish them by collecting the hearts. Not only that, its pretty hard to get on the damn ropes that you will end up falling when I realized that I need to use the double jump. You are going to use the double jump a lot to get to these places. However, the controls feels like shit that you will end up doing a single jump and lose a life because of the fall. That is fucking horseshit!

In Super Mario Bros, you can jump further without dying even if you fall from a high platform, but in Clannad Spelunker you die from a high jump. The developers made the game feel so hard that nobody can beat it in one sitting or without saving. Believe me, you are going to die a lot in this game. And yeah, if you lose all your lives, there are NO continues…

Forgot to mention, there is a save function, but I have no idea how to use it.

Seriously, this enemy looks stock…

It seems that the makers of Clannad Spelunker are not creative. We get stock characters like ghosts, bats, blobs and witches. Can’t the developers be a bit more creative? They should have added dangos or starfish… but whatever… Not only that, they have insane amount of hit points. It takes 6 hits just to defeat that ghost. Not only that, if you don’t hit them fast enough, they get you and you die… and you know thats bullshit!

Fuck! That is not fair! I just respawned there and I died just like that… Thats bullshit!

An enemy right near the checkpoint. When you respawn, you get hit again and lose a life. That is just fucked up.

What is a wedding head dress doing in a cave? Also, it looks cropped out of somewhere.

After dying so many times in getting to that treasure chest, I finally get to it and what I found? A head dress? What the hell is a wedding head dress doing in a treasure chest? I would have thought there would be something like gold, but no. I think they had done this since it’s Clannad themed. This wedding head dress from what I recalled is from Kouko Ibuki from Fuuko’s Arc. I grabbed the key and bullshit…

Fuuuuuuck! I fell and now its game over… I was so close, but now I have to do that over again? F that!

I died… I gave up afterwards since I couldn’t even beat the first level!

What is this game intended for? Certainly not Clannad fans or fan of Key…. It disappoints everyone just because the game is too fucking difficult! Even with the four lives compared to the original, it’s still too fucking hard. It even compare to the difficulty to Transformers: Convoy no Nazo, which is known to be the most difficult Transformers game out there. Clannad Spelunker is on the same level difficulty as the latter. Clannad Spelunker just redefines the definition of Nintendo Hard, a game that is very difficult and gives no mercy.

What would be my suggestion? Stay the hell away from this game, unless you like dying every time you fall or hit an enemy… This game is basically trial and error. Every time you play, you will get better until you get stuck again… and believe me… you will die a lot and I mean it!

Overall Picture

Pros: It’s a Clannad themed Spelunker game!

Cons: Intense difficulty, poor controls, stock enemies, unfair respawning, no continues (without saving).


6.2/10, D-, Below Average


Editorial: Wait? Horrible Tasting Food in Anime?


What is this supposed to taste like?

Most often times you will normally see a girl or a boy cook rather delicious food… for example, Akiko’s cooking (except the Jam…) and Usui’s “moe moe omelet” as shown in Episode 4. However, there is a dark side of good cooking… horrible tasting food! Food that doesn’t taste right or tastes funny. Not all cooks are created equal, but I will focus on some instances of horrible cooking in Anime I had watched so far.

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Clannad – Kyou’s Arc – Final Impressions

Sorry, this kiss was only a practice

If you have recalled, I have written a review about Kyou’s arc several months ago. However, the visual novel contained a lot more plot, which was missing… The actual Kyou’s arc in the visual novel is a big emotional roller coaster ride towards the end of her arc compared to the OVA… Well heres why…
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