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Unless you are living under the rock, a fellow blogger named zzeroparticle who runs the Anime Instrumentality Blog has created the first tournament for Anime Music. If you like listening to Anime Music like I do, go ahead and nominate your favorite songs. But in this post, I’m going to discuss the top ten songs I nominated. As always, my picks are subjective so you don’t have to agree with them.

So, what criteria did I use for my nomination ballot? First, I only considered opening, insert songs and ending themes for shows I have watched and listened. Second, I also factor in how good the song sounds along with how memorable and enjoyable the song for my nominations. While my choices are biased for recent Anime, hopefully you won’t judge me.

With that, I will share the top 5 picks I nominated for the tournament first with some arrangements on the piano. (Image Source)

1. Lia – Tori no Uta (lit. Bird’s Poem) – Air Opening

I have been a big fan of Lia’s singing because she has been pretty consistent and has some of the nicest vocals. Of course, this song wouldn’t have been made possible without Jun Maeda, who knows how to compose songs that captures the emotional moments in the visual novel. Still, this song still leaves a good impression as it fits the summer feeling of the show even though it’s more than 10 years old now.

2. Kalafina – Magia – Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Ending

While I haven’t listened to Yuki Kajiura’s works besides this, from her current project called Kalafina, we can expect some great sounding songs. But in particular, “Magia” stands out compared to “Hikari no Senritsu” or “to the beginning” as Yuki captures the feeling of despair as Magical Girls fight for survival perfectly.

3. Lia – Toki wo Kizamu Uta – Clannad After Story Opening

This song is basically “To the Same Heights” from the Clannad Soundtrack, but a different arrangement with lyrics. Because of this, I consider this song as one of the best tracks during 2008 because it succeeds in giving a somewhat melancholic feeling to the listener. While TORCH is more cheerful in comparison, this songs gives some foreshadowing of the impeding tragedy in Episode 16.

4. Kalafina – Hikari no Senritsu (lit. Light’s Melody) – Sora no Woto Opening

This is basically the first song that introduced me with Yuki Kajiura’s works. Basically, this song impressed me by its traditional feeling, which got me interested in their other songs.

5. Mizuki Nana – Innocent Starter – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Opening

Back in April of last year, I shared my thoughts about Innocent Starter. Overall, I think Mizuki Nana delivered a lot of great music despite some misses such as her recent song, “Perverted Hearts” with TM Revolution. I think her songs for Nanoha, White Album and even Dog Days shows some of her greatness. But still, this song was the start of her popularity not only as a voice actress (which she continues to lend support to), but also as a singer. She eventually had success against idol groups like AKB48.

The following is notable tracks that are ranked 6 to 10th on the nomination ballot.

6. Sakamoto Maaya – Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara – Tamayura Opening

Although this is a cover version of the opening song for Kiki’s Delivery Service, I liked Maaya’s performance of this song as it fits with the lush and heartwarming feeling of Tamayura.

7. Kalafina – to the beginning – Fate Zero 2nd Opening

As always, Kalafina delivers and I feel that this opening is better than the first one sung by Lisa.

8. Lia – My Soul, Your Beats – Angel Beats Opening

As always, Lia’s performance for the opening of Angel Beats is excellent and very uplifting.

9. Yuuki Aira – Sekai no Namida (World’s Tears) – True Tears Ending

I liked her performance of “Colorless Wind”, but “Sekai no Namida” is a rather heartwarming song considering how dramatic True Tears is. Of course, I would have nominated “Reflictia” by eufonius as well since I like the instrumentals, but I only listened to Takahashi Chiaki’s cover version in the “Idolmaster Animation Master Live Special” discs.

10.  Mizuki Nana – Scarlet Knight – Dog Days Opening

I admit that this is probably one of my favorite songs from her that is not from Nanoha. Besides Mizuki’s performance, the instrumentals were amazing as well, mostly thanks to Elements Garden.

Here are the last 5 that made it to the nomination.

11. Sphere – Hazy – Hanasaku Iroha 1st Ending

12. Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu, Saori Hayami, Norihiko Machida – secret base ~Kimi Ga Kureta Mono~ (Lit. secret base ~The thing you gave to me~)- Ano Hana

13. Ayana – Last Regrets – Kanon Opening

14. Tada Aoi – Brave Song – Angel Beats Ending

15. 765Pro Allstars – Change – The Idolmaster 2nd Opening

If I watched the shows, I would nominate these as well (also songs that didn’t made the cut): Doll (Gunslinger Girl, Lia), Shin’ai (White Album, Mizuki Nana), Nemuri Hime (The Idolmaster, Imai Asami), gravity (Wolf’s Rain, Sakamoto Maaya), etc.

This wraps up my list of songs I nominated and the reasons why. With that, help zzeroparticle’s cause and nominate your favorite Anime songs. Of course, you are also free to discuss the songs you nominated for the tournament or about my questionable taste of music. 

2 Comments… read them or add your own.

  1. If I had to limit myself to only one artist, “Toki wo Kizamu Uta” would easily steal the Lia pick because of how well she conveys those yearning, wistful emotions. For Kalafina, it’d be a tossup between “I Have a Dream” or your pick of “Hikari no Senritsu” simply because of how well those bring a new dimension to their body of work (e.g. not the usual mystical/melancholy stuff they serve up.)

    Nana Mizuki? That’s a tougher set of songs to choose from. Maybe Glass Flower from White Album, though her Nanoha stuff are certainly no slouch.

    • chikorita157 says:

      It was somewhat difficult to come up my decisions, but I think it will be easier once the nominations get in…

      Talking about White Album, I bought “The Museum II”, so I got to listen to two of her songs from White Album and I think they sound very good… But I’m still kind biased for Nanoha. :p

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