Little Busters – Episode 26 (END) – Preparing for the First Game

All the girls show their appreciation for Riki. He is very lucky.

All the girls show their appreciation for Riki. He is very lucky.

It seems that Riki is not confident enough, but he gets some support from some girls.

After Kyosuke announced that Riki would become the leader, there has been a feeling of uneasiness.  While he already helped three girls to resolve their troubles, it seems that his narcolepsy cause him to lose his confidence. While I don’t think he should put himself down just for that, just look how much people he helped. I liked how Komari, Haruka, Mio and Kud encouraged him by showing appreciation for his help. It shows that he is not that weak, but still faces issues from the past.

While they never revealed the secret of the world in whole, Kyousuke’s reasoning on making Riki the leader gave some good hints. He keeps saying that he won’t be around forever. Is this an indication that the world they are in is actually in is an illusion? We will certainly find out once the second season, which got recently announced airs in the near future. Otherwise, it was a nice conclusion.

Final Thoughts

At first, I was concerned by the handling of this show because of JC Staff’s tendency to have a mixed bag of good and badly produced shows. While the first several episodes started off rather rough, the later episodes improved a lot, especially the handling of Mio’s and Kud’s arc. Not only that, the animation was rather inconsistent compared to any of Kyoto Animation’s adaptations or Angel Beats. Then again, this show and the Visual Novel has a good amount of similarities to Angel Beats, which aired several years after Little Busters got released. Hopefully with the next season, which will focus on the refrain and Yuiko’s arc, hopefully they will continue improving.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10, B, Very Good 

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