Tamako Market – Episode 10 – Midori’s Inspiration Issues and Choi’s Big Reveal

Clearly, Midori lacks inspiration at the moment.

Clearly, Midori lacks inspiration at the moment.

Midori has… issues.

Becoming captain for a club has a lot of responsibilities and this is one of them. Midori by luck got the first time slot for the festival and she starts acting funny. I can understand that she doesn’t want to mess up badly since there are high expectations. However, I don’t think she have to hide it from everyone. Besides, wouldn’t everyone start to notice her funny behavior? Shiori did, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she faked her fever just to avoid answering those questions. Then again, wouldn’t it be better if she worked together rather than avoiding the issue? I think it would.

Apparently, Dera makes everyone laugh.

Apparently, Dera makes everyone laugh.

On the other hand, I’m surprised on how talented Choi is. Besides fortune telling, she can sew outfits. Not only that, the outfits looked cute on the girls thanks to Midori’s design work. I still find it rather ironic that she can design outfits but not a routine for the show.  Despite this trouble, the performance turned out well with a touch of Dera at the end.

From the look of Choi, it seems that she has something to reveal.

From the look of Choi, it seems that she made her decision.

After the performance, Choi comes out with a surprise that I predicted since her arrival. She reveals that Tamako will become the prince’s bride. As expected, Tamako is completely obvious to the whole thing. Still, I don’t know where she came up with that conclusion just from seeing the mole on her neck. Maybe the prince or his relatives met Tamako’s mother a long time ago since she also has the mole in the same place? Whatever the case might be, there is a huge possibility that Mochizou will be forever alone if this goes through. If so, it will be a sad day for him. 

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  1. feal87 says:

    Poor Mochizou, his life sure is suffering so far…:D

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