Little Busters – Episode 22 – Saving the Dream

Kud is pretty much depressed in this episode...

Kud is pretty much depressed in this episode…

As the situation worsens, Kud begins to lose hope.

It’s unfortunate how her mother’s dream failed in an instant. Since the reactor exploded, it makes things a lot worse. With this realization, I felt sympathetic towards Kud not because she lost her mother, but the inability to make her dream come true. It’s all has to do with her incapability to know English, which is understandable since it’s not easy at all for people who are learning it as a second or third language. However, it gets worse from here as she boxes up her dream and almost burned it. Thankfully, Riki was able to cheer her up.

Thankfully, Riki salvaged the box and convinced her not to throw it away.

Thankfully, Riki salvaged the box and convinced her not to throw it away.

On the other hand, Kud giving up on her dream is not something new. I always had a feeling that Kud lacked self-esteem because of her weaknesses. I think this has to do with her inability to be exactly like her mother. Of course, other students bullied her in a similar fashion to those three girls when she attended school that prepared children to become astronauts. Even with this stigma, I don’t think she should feel this way since no human is 100% perfect. We make mistakes sometimes and learn from them.


I have a good feeling that Key loves to make cute young mothers.

I have a good feeling that Key loves to make cute young mothers.

Lastly, I don’t agree that she should return to the island given the circumstances, even if she wants to see her mother badly. Personally, I have a very bad feeling that if she goes back alone, she won’t come back in one piece given the backlash and the ensuing problems. Not only that, she will become emotionally broken when she comes across her dead mother’s body. Because of that, someone close to her like Riki or Kanata should have accompanied her so that she would be safe. From the look of things, I don’t think she would come back in one piece unless Riki miraculously gets a plane ticket and come to rescue her.

Yep, that girl finally appears.

Yep, that girl finally appears.

In addition, another part of the secret got revealed during this episode. Apparently, a green-haired girl hands Riki a field trip itinerary. If you played the visual novel, you should know what this is all about. Aside from that, what makes this fishier is that Haruka and Mio is completely missing in the last scene while Komari is still there. Does it have to do with this world’s secret? Not only that, with only a few episodes remaining with Kud’s arc going on for one more episode, I wonder how they will fill in the remaining stories? I think they will either need more episodes or a 1-cour second season to finish everything up.

Oh yeah, the green-haired girl that apparently has a crush on Riki is finally here. 

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  1. marthaurion says:

    Brace yourselves…troll ending incoming.

  2. feal87 says:

    I really wonder what form will Refrain take after this season. OVA episodes? New season? Movie?! *wonders*

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