Tamako Market – Episode 9 – Anko’s Uneasiness and Family Resemblance

From the looks of it, Tamako's mother looks rather adorable.

From the looks of it, Tamako’s mother looks rather adorable.

Anko looks a bit down. I wonder what is bothering her?

Unlike Tamako, it seems that Anko actually have some romantic feelings. On the other hand, I have a feeling that she is afraid to confront them. I think she takes this trait from their father, who becomes flustered when he confessed to his deceased wife back in high school.  It was just funny to see him confess to her in a flashback in the mochi shop he was working at. Of course, he also made a love song dedicated for her, which is awfully sweet of him if you think about it.

At last, she confronts her feelings.

At last, she confronts her feelings.

So, how does their father’s story fits into Anko’s problems? Well, besides the similarities in their personalities, it seems that she is always afraid when she see her crush. I don’t know if she was afraid of saying something that might be embarrassing. Even so, I think it’s silly for her to not say goodbye to him since he is moving. Thankfully, Mochizou and Dera helped her, so at least she knows now that he will visit during the year.

Clearly, Tamako's father doesn't want an audience.

Clearly, Tamako’s father doesn’t want an audience.

Overall, this was a sweet ending to a somewhat sad event of having a best friend move away. At least he will come to visit once in a while. Still, the most surprising thing about the episode is Tamako. Somehow, she manages to remember Mochizou’s birthday and give him a birthday mochi. From the look of things, she is finally taking notice of his romantic feelings. Still, he is fair away from winning her given that Midori has a crush on her too. We’ll see how it goes as we come closer to the conclusion.

Also forgot… Dera got fat again! It seems that the diet was a big bust! 

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  1. marthaurion says:

    How dare they time skip over Dera’s regression! I thought I’d missed an episode or something.

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