Tamako Market – Episode 5 – Intense Rivalry to Win Tamako’s Heart

Clearly, this won't happen in a lifetime for obvious reasons.

Clearly, this won’t happen in a lifetime for obvious reasons.

It seems that two people are fighting over Tamako now…

Needless to say, it’s noticeable that Midori has some feelings for Tamako as seen in the second episode. She was just extraordinarily protective of her throughout the whole episode. Even so, it’s quite obvious that Mochizou is doing it wrong! He had Dera try to send a crappy love letter to Tamako, but ultimately fails. If he really wants to share his feelings with her, he should really man up and do it face to face. I have been there and it didn’t turn out well.

Clearly, Midori knows what he is up to...

Clearly, Midori knows what he is up to…

On the other hand, it seems that romantic rivalry has reached a fever pitch. When Midori asked Tamako what she thinks about her and Mochizou. Surprisingly, Tamako admits that she loves Midori. Oh yeah, she is currently ahead while Mochizou stays in the Friendzone because his inability to confess? I doubt he will do give up, but I hope that he mans up so he can actually confess.

Sadly, Dera has a lot of bad luck in this episode.

Sadly, Dera has a lot of bad luck in this episode.

Aside from the fierce competition between Midori and Mochizou to win over Tamako’s heart , the rest is about swimming and Dera running away. Believe it or not, like Tamako, I never really got the hang of swimming. Although it’s embarrassing, I stayed at the beginning level while my sister went on the second level of swimming. Yeah, I’m really bad at it just like Tamako, so I really need floats so I won’t sink. On the other hand, I felt bad for Dera. While he didn’t gain any weight, he got abused when he flies into a window when Midori closed it. Of course, it didn’t end there when cats, seagulls and dogs chased him!  Maybe he should really lose some weight so he wouldn’t look too attractive to predators. 

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  1. asdfghjkl says:

    midori is a little bit too overprotective, i mean trying to win tamako heart or trying to protect her that is fine but to the point of blocking off anyone that want to interact with her is a little bit too much if you ask me.and of course mochizou is a little bit at disadvantage here since it he is severely lacking in courage,if only he would just confess sure he will got rejected considering tamako personality but still…

    and human weren’t mean to float or swin on the first place try to look at it from that perspective on swimming.as for dera he looks kind of tasty i really wouldn’t blame the predators for trying to eat him…

    • chikorita157 says:

      Clearly, he is a bit indecisive, but we don’t know how Tamako will react considering her past reactions. At the moment, she is focused primarily on the market, thus oblivious to what he is trying to do… It’s a big contrast to Anko, who knows what boy she has a crush on and actually did something about it, I think…

  2. Overlord-G says:

    You’ve already read my thoughts on this episode so I’ll keep it brief. I still hope option B comes true, but the odds of it happening are as slim as second seasons of Sasameki Koto and Aoi Hana.

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