Tamako Market – Episode 3 – Timid Girls and Dera’s Unrequited Love

It seems that everyone assumed that Shiori is Tamako's friend.

It seems that everyone assumed that Shiori is Tamako’s friend.

Finally, the bird finds true love as he sees a cute girl! Well, sort of…

As expected, time goes by fast and it’s already spring in this episode. This means that the girls will become separated. Well, only Midori got separated from Kana and Tamako. It gets better from here as Dera finds a girl whom he apparently develops a crush on that happens to be in the same class that Tamako is in. Yep, it’s Asagiri Shiori, a pretty glasses wearing girl that happens to be very timid.

She even made dinner!

She even made dinner!

The interesting part about Shiori besides being shy is her interactions with the bird, Dera. Putting his obsessions aside as seen with his falls he intentionally does when she comes, I thought he was helpful in finding a new friend for her. His interactions with her allowed Shiori to become acquainted to Tamako. He even advocated her to thank Tamako for the dinner and bath rather than he passing the message to her. I think it was a good thing as she made new a friend with a cheerful girl. She probably had trouble sharing her gratitude due to her timid personality.

He just got rejected once again!

He just got rejected once again!

While Dara gets left in the dust yet again as Shiori rejects him, I liked the development in this episode. As one would expect, Tamako is still an interesting and entertaining character mostly because of her cheerful personality. I liked how she was able to accept Shiori’s thanks and even became friends with her. Hopefully, this means we will see her a bit more often, although I doubt she will hang out Kana and Midori just yet.

Aside from that, I kind of felt bad for Dera as he got rejected yet again. I suppose this is for the best since it would be strange for a human making love with a bird, especially a plump one. 

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  1. feal87 says:

    Now it’s Anko’s turn to shine. Let’s hope they’ll deliver something at the same level as this episode…:D

  2. Overlord-G says:

    Shiori fulfilled the role of megane and that’s all we need. It would be interesting if her feelings for Tamako are more than friends…but for now, I’m more focused on Midori growing a pair of cojones and confessing soon…if the writers have the cojones themselves to write this scenario.

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