Little Busters – Episode 13 – Mio’s “Evil” Twin Sister Appears

This girl is too happy to be the real Mio.

This girl is too happy to be the real Mio.

The cold truth about Mio is finally revealed.

Believe it or not, it wouldn’t be a Key story without something coming from the supernatural. Believe it or not, Mio gives me a similar feeling of Fuuko as everyone suddenly forgets about her. Only Riki was the only one that knows her in the end. On the other hand, her absence brings us a cruel twist as Midori, Mio’s so called evil sister takes her place with a completely opposite personality. She is just so lively, which is no wonder why this drastic change bothered Riki so much as he is the only one that knows the truth. This was made possible with the book that Mio gave him. Sadly, even that is in jeopardy because Midori wants to get rid of her existence.

It seems that Midori wants to make a move on Riki.

It seems that Midori wants to make a move on Riki or rather, manipulate him.

On the other hand, it seems that Midori wants to take things to the next level. I think her attempt to destroy the book is a bit extreme, but certainly a good way to pull on our heart strings. Even with that failed attempt, she also tried to flirt with him to the point of kissing so he would forget about Mio. Thankfully that didn’t happen. However, it doesn’t make things any better as he struggles to keep the real Mio in his mind.

While the real Mio is nowhere to be found after Midori took her place, I wonder why she wants to do this? Both of them are missing shadows. The only big difference is that one doesn’t seem to mind while the other is anxious. Maybe it has to do with Mio’s separating herself into two, which could be the reason why she is missing a shadow? Who knows, but we’ll find out soon enough as Riki fights on to bring the real Mio back. 

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  1. feal87 says:

    I wouldn’t mind the final Mio to become a middle-point between Midori and Mio to be honest. Mio is far too gloomy sometimes…:D

  2. Brent says:

    If Riki believes her to have bad intentions, she’ll lock him in her room and they go for it like bunnies.

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