Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai – Episode 11 – Normalcy that Gone Terribly Wrong and The Trail of Broken Promises

Although this feels strange, Rikka still manages to look cute.

Although this feels strange, Rikka still manages to look cute.

Obviously, my body was not ready for this episode.

While I want Rikka to become normal, I also didn’t want her to completely get rid the qualities that made her unique, which is some aspects of her 8th Grade Syndrome. While I watched the episode, I just felt that something was completely off. Rikka is pretty much drained of her liveliness and basically acts like a living zombie. After the last scene where she departs without Yuuta chasing the train like any young couple should do, I was devastated beyond belief.

Shinka successfully plays a role as older sister.

Shinka successfully plays a role as an older sister.

Even with Yuuta’s effort to make her become normal, I don’t think he brought Rikka back to the state before she created her own alternate reality two years ago. Instead, he just made her into an empty living shell because he tried too hard to make her get rid of every aspect of the syndrome in a short period of time. Shinka mentions this fact while she drags the distraught Sanae out of the clubroom. While she manages to calm her down by hugging her in a rather heartwarming and emotional scene, I think Sanae knows that what Yuuta is doing is actually hurting her best friend.

Sanae becomes devastated after Yuuta lashes out.

Sanae crying in devastation after Yuuta lashes out at her.

While I have some unreserved feelings for Sanae, she knows that something is terribly wrong since she is not only Rikka’s so called servant, but also her best friend. She acknowledges that the illusions aren’t real, but Yuuta having Rikka to get rid of all of it and suppressing it is not the right way to do it nor it’s necessary. Instead of him realizing the promises he broke regarding the so-called “Unseen Horizon,” he simply lashed out at Sanae. I just felt that he is not doing the right thing and just demolishing every good aspect of Rikka in an unbalanced and hasty way. If he done it gradually and brought the syndrome down to a level where it doesn’t replace reality, but make it into some kind of hobby instead, it wouldn’t be so bad. Also, don’t forget that he enjoyed some aspects of it without admitting to it. Therefore, he is essentially a hypocrite.

As the melodrama sets to high gear after Yuuta receives scorn from Rikka’s best friend, will he do a 180 after realizing what he done? Will he attempt to restore some aspects without having it take complete control of Rikka’s life? These questions and more will get answered as the finale arrives next week. 

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  1. marthaurion says:

    So I guess the idea is that even though she’s trying to be normal, she still hasn’t accepted her father’s death, so she’s still, in a sense, mourning or depressed about it. That’s why she can’t return to a more normal normal. Essentially, Yuuta went after the wrong problem. I still want her to be normal though >.>

    • chikorita157 says:

      I think he thought the syndrome was the root of the problem although it’s more than just that. While her alternate reality served as a way from escaping the harsh truth about her father, it was much more than just that. Believe it or not, it serves as her hobbies and also her personality. Once you get rid of that, well you have an empty shell and it does little to make her accept the death of her father that she escaped for two years or so.

  2. feal87 says:

    He must do a 180° turn in order to obtain an happy end. We need both Sanae and Rikka to be really happy…*cries*

  3. ValenceS2 says:

    Yuuta’s done goofed up now

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