Little Busters – Episode 10 – Mio and the Briefly Lost Book

Mio discovers baseball for the first time!

Mio discovers baseball for the first time!

At last, the final member joins the team.

Believe it or not, it’s becoming somewhat apparent that this adaption won’t be 100% perfect. This is shown with a girl named Mio who carries a parasol that holds a different voice. It’s clear that they couldn’t get the original voice actress since she is on pregnancy leave, but the difference is somewhat subtle. While she supposed to have a calm and quiet girl personality, this new voice makes her sound like she lacks any emotion what so ever. While it’s not terrible by any means, it gave some viewers a different perception of her being self-centered even though the classmates refer her as shadow-less or lacking any real presence. Also, it may bother people who played the visual novel. As for me, I have no opinion since I haven’t gotten far in the game.

Riki knows how to fix any girl's problems.

Riki knows how to fix any girl’s problems.

On the other hand, the poem holds some significance on why she finds this particular book special. Given her skin condition, she can’t stay in direct sunlight. While I’m not going to explain deeply what the poem implies, but she relates herself with a lonely white bird that floats in the blue sky. Considering her condition, she can’t live normally. This is why she prefers staying alone like this bird. On the flip side, I think the trend of her being merely shadow-less will reverse itself as she joins the team and starts to interact with others.

Yuiko never fails to impress.

Yuiko never fails to impress.

As the team receive it’s last member needed to fully operate, it’s about time to get things rolling for real. Even so, I do find Yuiko rather entertaining like always in the previous episodes. Besides her obsession for cuteness, she came up with a good explanation of what happened to the book and that the girl who found it intended to give it back to it’s rightful owner. That clearly shows the awesomeness of Yuiko in general. Still, the magic of assembling a whole team lies with Riki alone. Thanks to him, they made tremendous progress from being a group of five to having ten members.

Aside from that, I need to catch up with the visual novel badly as I’m still on May 14 since who knows when.

May 14th forever!

May 14th forever!


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  1. Cytrus says:

    Can’t say I was bothered by the voice change. Mio works as long as her poison-tongue stays intact, imo.

  2. feal87 says:

    I really don’t think the difference was that noteworthy and the new actress is doing more than a good job. Great adaptation so far really…:D

    • chikorita157 says:

      For a person who watch the anime, I don’t think there be much of a difference. Still, I’m curious of the original voice in the visual novel.

      • Magicflier says:

        I just posted something about that in an another review i just read, so i’ll just copy and paste it here XD

        “Mio’s VA in the visual novel was more elegant in terms of speaking, it felt like she isn’t just your normal kuudere. The VA for Mio in the anime just feels like an another “Yuki Nagato” from Haruhi Suzumiya of sorts. This is what people have been saying, I guess I can personal l agree with them though.”

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