Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai – Episode 12 (END) – Heartwarming Musicals and Redemption

Its bound to happen…

While Hina hears the heartbreaking truth, Yuuta questions his decision to become a father.

The cake is not a lie… or is it?

It’s obvious that they can’t keep the truth about their parent’s death from Hina forever. When Sora told the truth, Hina simply didn’t understand and had a few outbursts. I know it’s difficult for a young child to comprehend the tragedy that happened to their parents. At the same time, it’s also surprising how she got over it so quickly. She basically picked herself up and performed with the other children at the musical. Family, friends and Raika taking the role as Yuuta’s wife for that one moment where cheering for her. This simply shows that Hina is a strong girl than previously thought. She couldn’t have gotten over it without friends and family supporting her.

Raika is confirmed as wife of the year…

On the other hand, Yuuta’s relatives’ redemption came at no surprise.  Yoshiko finally admits that she wanted to take him in along with Yuri, but didn’t have the courage to do so. It’s not surprising since she recognizes the bond Yuri had with Yuuta several years ago that she is now witnessing with the relationship between him and the girls.  Because of that, there is no point in separating them and they should help him out instead. With the family handing the house over to Yuuta at the end of the first volume and in the finale, this one of the ways they show their support.

Final Thoughts

I think Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai is a surprisingly good show that showed the difficulties Yuuta faced as a college freshman to keep the girls together while growing bonds with them as a father with a mix of drama and comedy. While some bloggers harshly criticized this show as pointless, I think there is several instances where it showed some challenges that every new parent face in real life. Let’s be clear, we aren’t born with perfect parenting skills and have to learn them along the way. Despite making several mistakes, he still cares about the girls. He couldn’t have done it without support from his friends and the townspeople.

Besides his parenting, I admit that the girls are rather adorable, which is one of the reasons I kept watching. The only real gripe is of course Shuntarou. His obsession over younger girls is kind of gross, but thankfully it didn’t go too over the top for obvious reasons

Overall Rating: 8.6/10, B, Very Good 

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