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Wait?! Natsuiro Kiseki has an Original Animation? Well, yes as it got handed out as part of a festival event that happened on August 29th. Since this is very short in nature, I want to experiment with something new.

Just recently, Automattic, the creators of WordPress created their own Liveblogging Plugin that makes it easier for people to post updates on the fly. Typically, I done live commenting on Melative, but I no longer do that since I don’t have the time and nobody really uses it. Just glancing at this plugin, it brought me a good idea of possibly liveblogging certain shows that I percieve difficult to blog like Nichijou. However, I will still be writing episodic posts for most of the currently airing shows. With that, I’m going to try this out with this OVA.

To view the Live Feed, press Read More. Do not refresh the browser as updates will come automatically. Once I finished watching, I will write my brief overall thoughts above the livefeed. (Image Source)

Brief Thoughts

It was fascinating to see how much the girls grew since Saki moved to her new place two years ago along with that Natsumi still having some affection towards her. Aside from that, this episode is basically an epilogue showing Yuuka’s and Rinko’s plan to share their experiences happened two summers ago with Saki and Natsumi on a TV show. In addition, they share their college plans with each other. While there isn’t much to expect out of it, the short was rather cute.

Aside from that, feel free to give your feedback about the live blogging an Anime Episode. Should I do more in the future? 

chikorita157 September 8, 20125:20 pm

Well, that does it and it’s kind of interesting that they used the title of this show as part of the show they are doing… With that, I’ll be writing my brief thoughts and have it up soon.

chikorita157 September 8, 20125:17 pm

After all, the idol business is very lucrative.

chikorita157 September 8, 20125:15 pm

It seems that Yuuka haven’t given up on the idea of becoming an idol… so much to push it to pay off the tuition.

chikorita157 September 8, 20125:14 pm

It seems that everyone wants to go to college… but yeah, it’s expensive… But still, not so surprising on Saki’s choice as she probably wants to carry on her parent’s legacy.

chikorita157 September 8, 20125:11 pm

Oh Yuuka…

chikorita157 September 8, 20125:09 pm

Forgot to mention, it seems that Rinko grew out her hair a bit… it’s was such a subtle change.

chikorita157 September 8, 20125:07 pm

It seems that the girls have some jobs since Saki left…

chikorita157 September 8, 20125:06 pm

But, isn’t Saki the most beautiful already out of the four girls?

chikorita157 September 8, 20125:04 pm

She is back…

chikorita157 September 8, 20124:59 pm

The live feed will start in a few minutes

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  1. draggle says:

    Why don’t you just use twitter?

    • chikorita157 says:

      The problem with Twitter is that it’s mostly a social networking platform. While you can do live blogging for Anime, not everyone is going to notice as it will get jumbled with everything else. Also, the character limits is also the reason why I don’t use Twitter for live blogging since it’s never enough.

      The plus of doing a live blog on an Anime Blog is that people can refer back to it later on compared to Twitter, which is very difficult to view older tweets. But yes, this is an experiment and if I were to do panel coverage for an Anime Convention, this will be very helpful… and possibly the plugin will be helpful for other bloggers who wish to cover any convention or such.

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