Natsuiro Kiseki – Episode 9 – Vacationing, Invisibility and the Final Decision

The girls enjoy themselves while Saki is invisible.

As the girls explore where Saki will move, the troll rock strikes again.

Chiharu is impressive… especially when it bounces.

First impressions are certainly sour as Koharu became rather hostile having to save Yuka from the ocean. Compared to her older sister, Chiharu takes the girls around the island and eventually to the clinic. After Koharu’s outburst, I could understand why she would feel that way. They known the old doctor for a long time that they don’t want someone, especially an outsider to replace him. They have to realize that they can’t keep holding on the past since people needs a doctor and the doctor they love will remain in their memories. Considering her father’s reputation, I think everyone on the island is in good hands.

Where did she go?

On the other note, I found it hilarious how the wishing rock managed to play some pranks despite being far away from it. Apparently, it turned Saki invisible, which is quite amusing since she is completely naked and can only communicate with the girls by writing. However, it plays a big role as Natsumi ultimately accepts her decision. Also, it allows Saki to experience the island without having everyone stare at her.

With their short vacation coming to a close, it was a fun and heartwarming episode. Sure, the girls will miss Saki, but I have a good feeling they might come back together when high school comes. Even so, the part I find interesting is Koharu and Chiharu since they have very similar appearances, but opposite personalities. Koharu doesn’t have much of a bust and looks more boyish compared to her older twin, which is well endowed. Still, I wonder how Chiharu managed to get them so big at a young age… I guess that will remain a secret. 

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  1. Kai says:

    Natsumi looks like she won’t force Saki to stay anymore, which is sad but good choice. After all, it’s not like they will be separated forever. About the rock, I was thinking that it was a long time since the rock actually did anything, and then, it’s “cousin” come out from nowhere -_-

    • chikorita157 says:

      I think the rock follow them to simply throw something hailarious at the girls… Then again, it might be symbolic as Saki could possibly connect with her friends where the actual rock is… Who knows, they might break the challenges of long-distance friendship 5c/m Per Second shared.

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