Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~ – Episode 7 – Deciding over Bread or Fighting

At least Xiao-Mei is doing some good...

“Why you bake bread every day is more of a mystery to me.”

That is the best line in the show since the bread craze is making me insane!

While there is no end to all the bread in this show, we find out something about what happened in the last episode. Apparently, Rick saw through Xiao-Mei ‘s disguise, which causes him to become uneasy. However, that is not the interesting part since she steals stuff to fund the rebuilding of the church. From the look of things, she is a very caring person who helps out children that are homeless. This is a good thing even though the thievery is very questionable. I suppose she has a thrill in doing it.

I knew I shouldn't have said bread making...

On the other hand, underneath Rick’s trouble about his purpose are the three sisters. Apparently, they also got washed up to shore and lost some of their memories.  That explains everything as they used to fight as seen with Neris using her bow in the last episode. Sadly, they use baking bread as a way to distract themselves from regaining their memories. This is rather obvious since the old woman helps people who get washed up on shore and teaches them how to bake. Explains everything, although I’m disturbed by his decision of wanting to bake bread for rest of his life rather than sword fighting. At this rate, we will never see him and the girls fight again… or will they?

The plot deepens...

From the looks of the next episode, there is a lot of conflict. A pirate ship successfully makes it on shore while Kaguya completely recovers. This makes me wonder if the captain is going after the pendant on her neck. Well, only time can tell… 

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  1. Kai says:

    I haven’t watched this anime, and my downloaded episodes are still in my folder. But seeing that more then halfway through the series there are still DAT bread going all around, I’m hesitant to watch it..

    • chikorita157 says:

      Yeah, it’s kind of a sticking point since I’m kind of interested in Japanese RPG adaptations. Compared to this, it makes Tears to Tiara looks like heaven even though that is more like a visual novel with a strategy RPG shoehorned in it. The only thing that got me excited is the Kugimiya Rie tsundere in Episode 5 . But still, going to stick this one to see how it ends.